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Texas Counties to Begin Making Charges Against Illegal Aliens in Absence of Federal Government


If the Biden administration won’t take action to disincentivize illegality at the southern border, Texas counties have decided they will. Speaking about a lack of accountability for those who engage in criminal activity at the border, Kinney County Sheriff Brad Coe spoke to a crowd in Bracketville, Texas on May 22.

Beginning June 1, Coe said of offenders, “I’m going to start here, locally. If we catch them, we will begin to prosecute these people who are trespassing on all of your property.” He continued, “and any other legitimate charges that we may accumulate there to try to dissuade them from coming to Kinney County. We are going to try to hold these people accountable.”

Coe’s county is not the only one fed up with a lack of federal intervention. Neighboring Edwards County will be doing the same. The counties are desperately seeking solutions for a border crisis which they are left to fight on their own. Crimes increasing in their communities include high-speed vehicle chases, trespassing, robberies, vehicle thefts and more.

Coe has provided ranchers with a form that would authorize the sheriff to press charges on their behalf if they caught someone on their property – which would prevent the rancher from coming into town to press charges every time an intruder is caught, which for many ranchers is an everyday occurrence, reports World Today News.

Border Patrol agents detect “a daily average of approximately 1,000 illegal aliens fleeing capture across the southern border. It is impossible to estimate the number of those who pass undetected” writes World Today News.

According to information obtained by the Epoch Times, the Border Patrol has apprehended illegal aliens from roughly 70 countries, and 95 sex offenders in the Del Rio sector have been apprehended in this fiscal year alone. To put the numbers into perspective, only 6 had been apprehended in the same period in fiscal year 2020.

The apprehension of criminals has surpassed 813 arrests, compared to 161 in the same period of fiscal year 2020. “So, if Biden is not going to enforce the law then we will try to enforce our own state laws” said Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith who is taking on multiple new private property trespassing cases. More serious crimes such as human trafficking will be handled by the district attorney.