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The Brief: Thanks to Biden, Democrats Destined for Disaster in Midterm Elections

With pollsters John and Jim McLaughlin

Joe Biden
Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Democrat Party is headed for an epic wipeout this fall…which means that Joe Biden’s disastrous presidency has about seven months of shelf life before it’s functionally neutered.

For most Americans who have suffered under Biden’s feeble leadership and inane policies, that’s the good news.  The bad news is that seven months is plenty of time for Joe to muck things up even more.  Bumbling incompetence seems to be his only skill set.

Polling data is a strong barometer of what the November elections have in store for Democrats.  On every issue, they’re taking a beating thanks to Joe.  The worst national poll by Grinnell College gives Biden an abysmal 34% approval rating.  The best poll by NBC News has him at 40% and dropping like the Hindenburg.

On every significant issue, the Biden-engineered train is a smoldering wreckage —gas prices, inflation, the economy, crime, policing, immigration, matters of race and gender, and the overall direction of the country.  Joe gets clobbered on his handling of the economy with a scant 33% approval.

There is one certainty in U.S. politics: midterms are always a referendum on the president and his policies.  Voters are clearly bitter.  There is no sign that their antipathy will change before ballots are cast.

They’re not buying Joe’s vapid excuses that Putin is to blame for our nation’s economic woes.  They know that the worst inflation in four decades well pre-dated Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Americans have been struggling with skyrocketing prices for almost a year, even though Biden insisted last summer that it was just “transitory.”

His recent warning that it will only get worse is an affirmation of his earlier lie.  And confirmation that he has no idea what he’s doing.

The good news is that Americans know what to do.  They intend to exercise their power to kick the ruling party out of Congress.  Or at least enough of them so that Republicans regain firm control of both houses.

This will serve as an indelible check on Biden’s authority and a major roadblock to his radical policies of destruction.

Anyone who’s ever paid close attention to Joe Biden’s political career knew that he’d make a lousy president.

His nearly four decades as a U.S. Senator was notable for chronic misjudgments, regrettable votes, temper tantrums, and endless gaffes.  As Obama’s vice president for eight years, he was treated like a lamp shade and routinely mocked as a dim bulb —which he is.

But the pandemic breathed new life into his faltering campaign.  Joe hid out in the basement bunker of his Delaware mansion as COVID wreaked havoc on the national landscape.  His handlers would occasionally trot him out in front of a teleprompter where he would read something written for him.  Then he’d retreat into the bunker, never facing any rigorous questions or challenges.

The grand strategy of concealment worked, and Biden was elected.  Surveys show that people didn’t vote for Joe, per se.  They mostly voted against Trump.  They didn’t dislike the incumbent’s policies, but they grew fatigued of the constant acrimony that accompanied his presidency.

That’s one helluva way to elect someone to the highest office in the land.  But it happened.

What ensued was entirely predictable.  Biden took office and immediately began blindly dismantling everything Trump had accomplished.  By executive fiat, he transformed America from energy independence to energy reliant on foreign sources.  Prices rose as they inevitably would.

Biden went to war against our nation’s oil and gas industries.  He tried to put them out of business, while buying more expensive dirty oil from other countries.  It made no sense.  And Americans everywhere had to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for Joe’s insanity.

Biden never understood that energy drives every aspect of our thriving economy.  Manufactured goods must be transported across our vast nation.  Higher fuel costs are invariably passed along to consumers in the form of increased prices.

Then, together with Nancy Pelosi and a Democrat-controlled congress, Biden made matters worse by spending cash as if it grew on trees.  They flooded the economy with trillions of dollars by printing more money.

As those dollars saturated the marketplace, prices inflated even more.  It was the kind of dire economic fallout that students learn about in Econ 101.  Of course, Biden was a miserable student.

This brings us to the present.  A recent Fox News poll is a harbinger of the November elections.  Americans are hurting and they correctly hold Democrats in power responsible.

A whopping 74% say the U.S. economy is in bad shape, and they blame Biden directly.

Two-thirds of voters disapprove of how he is handling inflation, while 68% blame him for the spiraling gasoline prices.

What’s the solution?  Americans want Biden to change course…and re-adopt Trump’s energy independence.

A staggering three-quarters of voters want to increase domestic oil drilling and gas production.  Two-thirds want the Keystone XL pipeline project restored.

Naturally, Biden is too arrogant and stubborn to do any of that.  To reverse himself now would be an admission that he was wrong and drove America off an economic cliff.

Biden’s election was based on a lie.  During the campaign, he promised that he would pursue only moderate policies.  Once he was sworn in, he immediately embraced a hyper-partisan progressive agenda despite slim congressional majorities.

In essence, Biden handed over his presidency to the cultural left.  He pledged fidelity to the Green New Deal and other radical policies that proved calamitous.  In the short course of one year, the U.S. was saddled with the most debilitating inflation since 1982.

As veteran political pro Karl Rove put it, “He assumed he could persuade the public to like what it previously loathed.”  He failed spectacularly.

Again, all of this was foreseeable.  Biden has always been tone deaf and a clumsy communicator.  But it’s his uncanny ability to make bad decisions, and his determination to adopt toxic and destructive policies that has sowed the seeds of his demise.

Beyond domestic affairs, Biden’s foreign policy bungling has only magnified his incompetence.  After his tragic Afghanistan blunder, he turned his attention to Ukraine where his son had banked millions of dollars in seemingly corrupt influence-peddling schemes.

Last fall, Biden signed an accord with President Volodymyr Zelensky giving him the green light for Ukraine to join NATO.  It was something that previous American presidents had refused to do because they knew it would provoke Russia militarily.  Sure enough, Vladimir Putin began amassing his forces along Ukraine’s border and eventually invaded.  Nice job, Joe.

In a vain attempt to show leadership in a crisis, Biden travelled to Poland recently where he promptly bolloxed up one event after another.

He told American troops they’d soon be in Ukraine.  He literally said that, despite his previous statements that there would be no U.S. troops on the ground in Ukraine.  The White House had to walk it back.

Then Biden remarked that if Putin used chemical weapons, the U.S. would respond “in kind.”  That gaffe was quickly retracted by the president’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan.

Finally, in a fiery speech in Warsaw Biden deviated from the teleprompter and declared, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”

Fearing a dangerous escalation, the White House, including the Secretary of State Tony Blinken, had to wipe up Biden’s mess by stating that he did not mean evicting Putin from the Kremlin and “regime change in Russia.”

This is what Biden’s White House has become.  They’re like the company, SERVPRO —a 24-hour emergency clean-up service that tries to fix a disaster.

Joe is a stumbling, fumbling, and mumbling one-man disaster who makes mess of everything.  He’s the kind of guy who could set a swimming pool on fire.  He can turn gold to dust.  His handlers must be exhausted trying fix his constant goofs.

When Biden returned home from Poland, he was confronted about his gaffes.  Fox’s Peter Doocy asked him whether foreign leaders can take him seriously if the White House keeps walking back his statements.  Joe’s response was right out of Alice In Wonderland.

“What’s getting walked back?” Biden asked.  Doocy then recited the president’s three statements that the White House had to correct.  “None of the three occurred,” said Biden.  Clearly surprised, Doocy asked, “None of the three?”  Biden responded, “None of the three.”

It was an audacious lie by the president on national television.  All three misstatements by Biden occurred.  All three were corrected by the White House.  It’s a matter of public record.  And all of his screw ups were on camera.  It’s now a blooper reel on the internet.

But ludicrous denial of the obvious is what Biden does best.  When caught making colossal mistakes, he simply pretends it never happened.  He’ll stand right there, look you square in the face and lie to you.  And the American people.

Nobody in the press corps was buying the farce —even the usual Biden cheerleaders in the liberal media guffawed.  Correspondents from NBC News, PBS, and CNN challenged him.  What did he do?  He doubled down on his lies.  It was breathtaking.

What’s even more stunning is that Biden was holding a small card or a “cheat sheet” that told him what to say.  Someone in the press room photographed it.  You could read the words that were written for him in bold print.  It was entitled, “Tough Putin Q & A Talking Points.”

What followed beneath the card were vacuous excuses and laughable deflections that his flacks had conjured up so he could weasel out of his foul ups.  But even that flummoxed old Joe.  He couldn’t manage to follow a choreographed script staring him in the face.  He proceeded to contradict his aides and his own Secretary of State by once again calling for Putin’s overthrow.

Joe Biden made a mess of his foreign visit, he made a mess of the news conference, and he has certainly made a colossal mess of our economy.  Even SERVPRO couldn’t remedy the wreckage that Biden wrought.

Voters are acutely aware that Biden’s reckless policies are the principal cause of our rampant inflation.  He promised to “shutdown” Covid-19 but didn’t.  His draconian mandates proved unpopular.  On other issues such as crime, border security, voting rights, and Build Back Better, Biden staked out positions that Americans don’t like.

Instead of steering a moderate course as he vowed, he veered far left with an agenda that alienated a vast number of independents and even many mainstream Democrats.  Yet, the outspoken progressive wing of his party is determined to push him even further to left.  And Joe seems more than willing to capitulate.  Take a look at his latest budget proposal.  It’s a wing-nut’s dream.

All of this is a recipe for an electoral calamity for the Democrat Party.  Voters are understandably disappointed and even angry at the Biden presidency.  A severe reckoning is a mere seven months away.

No course correction can fix it in time.  Joe, Nancy, and the Democrats are in for a rude awakening.  Let’s call it a “regime change.”

You can almost hear Americans shouting in unison, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power!”