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The Biden Administration is Playing a Dangerous Game Accommodating Border Surge; Puts Families in TX, AZ Hotels


Amongst the most promised issues by candidate Joe Biden and Democrats desperate for the pro-open borders vote was an irresponsible “come one, come all” message. As a result, the Biden administration is now faced with a situation that is nothing short of a “border surge.” With that surge, the administration must be very careful on how it handles the influx of people.

Unfortunately, the administration is “handling the influx primarily as a capacity challenge. The measures they have taken are aimed at accommodating the increase, not to contain it or change the upward trend” reports the Washington Post. Instead of solutions and preventative measures, the Biden administration is racing to find everyone “shelter.” So much so, “officials have drafted plans to put families in hotels in Texas and Arizona.”

“The administration has quickly turned detention centers into rapid-processing hubs for families with young children, relaxed shelter capacity rules aimed at lessening the spread of the coronavirus” reports the Washington Post. Additionally, they have “deployed hundreds of backup border agents to the busiest crossings and tried to mobilize the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help with coronavirus testing and quarantining those who test positive.”

Friday, the White House said it would send top advisers to the border to assess the inflow and report back their findings. Frighteningly, “although Department of Homeland Security officials have warned internally that the largest migration wave in more than two decades could arrive in the coming months, Biden officials have not said publicly what new legal or enforcement tactics they are considering, if any, to slow it.”

For perspective on just how dire of a situation the border is, “on several days this week, U.S. agents took more than 4,000 migrants into custody, nearly double the number in January.” Also, “roughly 350 teens and children have been crossing the U.S. border without their parents each day in recent weeks, four times as many as last fall.”