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The Brief: Biden Boasts His Border Chaos Is Over, But It’s Just Beginning

Gregg is joined by Tom Homan, former Acting Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


Our southern border is a disaster because Joe Biden is a disaster.  His incomprehensible policies created the turmoil and chaos we witnessed as an estimated 150,000 illegal migrants amassed at the U.S. border with Mexico and began flowing into our country at the stroke of midnight last Thursday.

When the hordes disappeared from television cameras never to be seen again at an immigration office or a court hearing years from now, the lines at the border began to recede.  Of course they did.  Because there is no border anymore.  Illegals stream through easily and then scampered away.  And that’s the point.

A cheerful Biden wobbled off a bicycle near his swank beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware this weekend and snarked to reporters, “Much better than you all expected.”  In other words, mission accomplished.  Our gloating president got exactly what he wanted.

Naturally, the suck-up media mimicked his words by telling Americans that the crisis is over.   Maybe it’s over visually at what was once a protected border with Mexico.  But without an inviolate barrier, tens of thousands will continue to walk freely into the country unimpeded in the weeks and and months ahead, adding millions more illegals that the government can’t possibly handle or track.  Under Biden, they don’t want to.  No vetting and no monitoring.  Out of sight is out of mind, Joe thinks.

Not quite.  The chaos dispersed but has reemerged elsewhere as towns and cities struggle to absorb the massive influx of people without jobs, food, clothing, and housing.  The crisis merely shifted.  Liberal mayors in cities like New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, and Los Angeles are already crying about the onslaught of illegals they can’t possibly cope with.  They are begging the Biden Administration for help.  You know the drill.  Already, overburdened taxpayers will be footing the bill they can’t afford.

But Biden doesn’t care.  He spends someone else’s money like a drunken sailor.  This is Joe’s new gambit.  Transform America at your expense so that, in just a few short years, it’ll be unrecognizable.

President Biden’s decision to terminate Title 42 restrictions opened the floodgates.  There is no way to know how many MS-13 gang members, terrorists, murderers, rapists, human traffickers, drug dealers, thieves, and violent criminals have now entered.  Talk with any law enforcement official and they’ll tell you chilling stories of innocent civilians that have been victimized.  It will only get worse.  I spoke with a Texas rancher last week who described having to fend off constant intruders and attackers with a gun.

Meanwhile, the Mexican cartels are popping champagne corks.  Biden’s broken border is a daily Christmas gift to thugs everywhere.  Joe doesn’t care.  He is more than willing to sacrifice American lives to achieve his open borders agenda.  He deliberately created an incentive to come here by rewarding unlawful behavior.

There are, of course, thousands of well-meaning migrant families that have no other purpose in mind but to seek a better life and honest work in the U.S.  They should have every opportunity to pursue it —legally.  Stampeding the border is not the proper course of action.  Our system of laws require patience as they await their applications before being legally admitted.  Millions of others before them have followed the law in an orderly process.  They should, too.

The fact that they won’t is the fault of Joe Biden.  During a presidential debate in 2020, he invited them to enter illegally when he declared, “You should come.”  Later, he told asylum seekers, “Surge to the border!”  They did.  An estimated 6.5 million have, by hook or by crook, slipped across during the first two years of Biden’s presidency.  By the time he leaves office, that number will swell to 15 million.  Probably more.  At the current pace, some 20 million is a fair guess.  But since Joe’s border is now so porous, who knows?

As pandemonium ensued over the last several weeks, Biden’s toadies conjured up a steady stream of lies.  Karine Jean-Pierre —the Bagdad Bob of press secretaries— announced that illegal immigration was down 90 percent because of her boss’s policies.  Cue the laughter.

More recently, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas insisted, “The border is not open.”  No one with a functioning set of eyes believed him, as images of thousands of illegals crossing into the U.S. were flashed on television screens everywhere.  Border towns were so overwhelmed they issued disaster declarations.  Not that it did any good.

Where will the millions of illegals eventually go?  No one knows, least of all our government officials.  They devised no reliable way to monitor them.  The vast sandy area just across the border is littered with tracking bracelets that were promptly cut and discarded.

Most migrants were given a slip of paper with a future court date assigned, asking them to reappear in 5 years, 7 years, and even 10 years.  Some of the documents identified 2035 for initial hearings.  Only a fraction actually qualify for asylum, mind you.  And they know it.  So, how many will show up?  You know the answer.  And so does Joe.  It’s all a charade.

The truth is that Biden unilaterally invented a de facto mass amnesty program.  It’s a sanctioned invasion.  Make no mistake, this is precisely what Joe wanted.  By fully embracing the progressive manifesto, his goal is to admit every illegal migrant possible.

Law-abiding citizens are left to wonder why.  Compassion is the frequently stated reason, but many suspect that the real objective is to forever change the demographic composition and political dynamic in our country.  Remake America to further entrench radically liberal ideals.

To accomplish it, Biden had to abandon the rule of law that he is duty-bound to enforce.    For him, that was a piece of cake.  His entire presidency has been devoted to unconstitutional acts, most of which were later overturned by the courts.  But the legal process takes time, and Biden knows it.  The damage is always done long before it can be reversed or rectified, if ever.

It didn’t matter to Biden that existing statutes makes it against the law for people to enter the U.S. illegally.  (See U.S. Code 1325).  Violations carry both civil and criminal penalties.  Nor did it matter that the president swore under oath that he would faithfully enforce all laws and defend the safety and security of Americans.  To Joe, those are just meaningless words and empty promises.  To put it bluntly, he doesn’t give a damn.

The day he was inaugurated the border was fairly secure.  During Trump’s presidency a comparative trickle of illegals slipped through the border —roughly 1,200 arrests per day.  Illegal immigrations dropped to a 45-year low.  Biden reversed all of that beginning on his first day in office.

The newly elected president abruptly halted construction of the border wall and refused to spend the allotted money to complete it.  He fully reinstated the “catch and release” program that allowed illegals to simply vanish into the interior of the nation.  He also terminated the “remain in Mexico” policy that forced migrants to wait outside the U.S. until they were legally permitted to enter.  These common sense rules were tossed in the trash by Biden.

As Title 42 neared an end —on Biden’s orders— he pretended to care about the inevitable pandemonium at the border by ordering 1,500 active-duty troops there.  It was all a clever ruse.  Their assigned job was not to stop people, but to help accommodate them as they entered and disappeared.

Another Biden con was to put Kamala Harris in charge of solving the border crisis.  When it comes to sheer ineptitude, the VP is Biden’s equal.  He knew this, which is why he tapped her.  Kamala is so obtuse she couldn’t think her way out of a paper sack.  She proceeded to prove it by doing nothing, which is her only strong suit.  That, and giggling.  Every time she opens her yap I yearn for Hillary’s cringing cackle.

Biden could have continued the Title 42 immigration restriction.  It was instituted to protect Americans for valid public health reasons when the COVID pandemic struck.  The president could have sustained it by citing a very different health and safety reason.  That is, the worsening epidemic of deadly fentanyl drug overdoses.

Biden’s open border policies have allowed the synthetic drug to flow freely into the U.S. from Mexico.  Traffickers have had a financial field day as their distribution networks easily penetrated our southern border.  The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that some 100,000 Americans are killed by fentanyl every year.  Do the math.  That means 273 deaths per day, mostly young people.  Thanks to Biden, it will only now proliferate.

Americans are outraged every time there is a mass shooting that claims the lives of a half a dozen people or even more.  As they should.  But they don’t bat an eye when hundreds are murdered each and every day by fentanyl.  Biden could put a significant dent in those horrific numbers by cracking down on the border.  Instead, he seems more interested in cracking down on gas stoves.

The only way to remedy this colossal mess is to get rid of our feckless president and his Democrat enablers.  That would require wisdom and intelligence among the electorate.  So far, voters have demonstrated neither.

They elected an incompetent and venal president.  They deserve to suffer the painful consequences.