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The Brief: Biden Cares about Ukraine’s Border While Ignoring The Crisis on our Own

Mark Morgan, former Acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, and a Heritage Foundation Visiting Fellow, joins Gregg to discuss.

Photo by GUILLERMO ARIAS/AFP via Getty Images

The disaster at our southern border worsens day by day and crime across America rages out of control.  But Joe Biden couldn’t care less.  He is focused instead on solving another border crisis far, far away…in a land called Ukraine.

People can be forgiven for wondering why Joe seems to suddenly care about Ukrainians more than Americans.  It’s a legitimate question.  After all, he didn’t care one wit about the Afghans.  Tens of millions of them are now starving thanks to Biden who gave the country away gift wrapped to the Taliban.

Biden infamously bungled the U.S. withdrawal in Kabul in the biggest foreign policy humiliation in modern memory.  Folks in the Kremlin laughed at his utter incompetence.  So did the Taliban who promptly murdered many of our Afghan allies when Joe bugged out.

Shamed by even his devoted cheerleaders in the mainstream media, Biden is now trying to compensate for his spectacular blunder by challenging Putin in his own backyard, hoping that sticking up for Ukraine will magically restore the tumbling poll numbers that appear destined to make Joe an abysmal one-term president.

It won’t work.  For starters, Putin is smarter and more clever than old Joe.  Just about anyone with a pulse is.  Secondly, Biden dispatched the chronically inept Kamala Harris to Europe to remedy the crisis in Ukraine.  That makes as much sense as a left-handed hammer.

Kamala did such a terrific job fixing the Mexican border.  Illegal entries are now at an all time high.  Some two million were apprehended while slipping into the country during Biden’s first year, many of whom were allowed to stay and simply vanish.  That doesn’t account for the untold number who were never caught and never will be.

Harris has zero foreign policy experience.  None.  She couldn’t stop an invasion of sleepy turtles.  Kamala is a national security neophyte.  I doubt she could point out the location of Ukraine on a map.  Or Russia, for that matter.

A few months ago, she confessed to NBC’s Lester Holt that she’s never even been to Europe.  Bereft of any diplomatic skills or credentials, Kamala has no idea what she’s doing.  And it didn’t take her long to prove it.  Her befuddled statements are a comedy routine.

This is what you get when you select a Vice Presidential running mate based less on qualifications and more on identity politics.  It might check a box or two, but you are left with an empty vessel who couldn’t steer her way out of a harbor.

Upon her arrival in Germany and from the moment she opened her mouth, Kamala Harris showed that it was amateur hour in Munich.  She announced that sanctions would absolutely deter Putin from invading Ukraine, while stating that he had made up his mind to invade anyway.  Huh?  Stop scratching your head.  It’s not eczema.  It’s stupidity.

Harris drew particular scorn for her meandering remarks during a press conference in which she seemed to be terminally clueless.  She was mocked by viewers who called her incomprehensible statements “word salad.”  Frankly, that’s an insult to a good salad.

You don’t have to have toured Europe to know its history.  Reading books might help.  But that’s well outside Kamala’s wheelhouse.  She told the gathered media that Europe had been without war and at peace for the last 70 years.  Say what?

I’m sure that came as a surprise to the people of Kosovo who fought a deadly war 24 years ago marked by genocide, rape, and other atrocities.  Or Bosnia where 100,000 lost their lives in the early 1990s.  Tell that to the people of Georgia or Crimea who were attacked by Russia’s military.  Harris is oblivious to history because she never bothered to study it.

In fact, she doesn’t study anything.  Regardless of the subject, she is perpetually unprepared and unread, as members of her own staff have constantly complained.  Even Biden’s biggest booster, The Washington Post, scolded him for sending Harris to a vital security conference to —quote— “burnish her political credentials as a leader.”

If that was the goal, it failed miserably.  Kamala’s great European adventure was an embarrassment.

Recognizing her epic collapse, Biden began a furious effort to negotiate his own face-to-face meeting with Putin.  Whether it will happen is anyone’s guess.  But I can’t imagine that Joe would be much of a match for the ruthless dictator.

Putin already took his measure when Biden skulked out of Afghanistan as the Taliban chased his tail.  I suspect the Russian leader has little respect for a man who appears to be frail of body and feeble of mind.

Or maybe Putin will thank Joe for dropping Trump’s sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, making Vlad even more powerful in Europe which is now dependent on Russia for on its energy needs.  At the same time, Biden made America weaker by shutting down its own Keystone XL pipeline and cancelling new oil and gas leases.

In one short year, the U.S. has gone from the strength of energy independence and a net exporter of oil… to a nation that must now import much of its energy needs.  You are paying the price for Joe’s folly every time you pull up at the gas pumps and have to empty your wallet.

Some accuse Biden of waging a distraction in a “Wag The Dog” manner.  U.S. Senate candidate in Nevada, Sam Brown, said that Kamala’s “war in Europe” talk was an attempt to draw attention away from her boss’s domestic disasters.  There may be some merit in that argument.  Because Biden has made a hash of everything he has touched.

Joe couldn’t be bothered to lift a finger to solve the surging crisis at our own border with Mexico.  Indeed, he has refused to even visit the border, although the White House says he once drove by it 14 years ago.  During a CNN town hall, Biden said he’s too busy to make the trip.  Really?

Government records show that during his first year in office, Biden made 42 personal trips to his homes in Delaware for a total of 126 days there.  He splits his time relaxing in his palatial estate in Wilmington and his fancy vacation spread in Rehoboth Beach.  Biden seems to think the Atlantic Ocean is the only border of significance.

He’s wrong about that.  Americans are sick and tired of Joe’s “open borders” attitude and his liberal policies that invited a flood of undocumented individuals, including countless criminals, into the U.S.  His mantra was “free everything!”  All you have to do is get here.

But the ugly backlash was inevitable.  The people who put Biden in office appear angry enough to cripple his presidency come November by flipping control of Congress from Democrats to Republicans.  A scant 36% approve of Joe’s handling of border security, according to a recent CBS News poll.  Biden is on course to get thumped during the midterm elections.

The populist anger has been fueled not just by the crime that comes with illegal entry, but by the overcrowding detention centers and the video of illegals being shuttled on flights to various parts of the country in the dark of night, all paid for by hardworking taxpayers.  Border officials are now preparing for an even greater invasion —some 9,000 per day by springtime.

Compounding the calamity is the widespread crime committed by illegals.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement (otherwise known as ICE) reports that undocumented immigrants who were arrested by ICE had an average of four criminal convictions or charges each.  Stated differently, 90% had criminal convictions or charges at the time of their arrest.

Major metropolitan areas run by liberal politicians who have declared their cities sanctuaries for illegal immigrants are the hardest hit by crime, needlessly endangering their law-abiding citizens.  Radical sanctuary policies only embolden the lawless.

And so do the actions of progressive district attorneys elected in place like Manhattan, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore and St. Louis.

Many of them got elected by aligning themselves with Black Lives Matter and Defund The Police movements.  AOC and her notorious “Squad” were all in favor of dismantling police.  Before they were elected, Kamala joined in…and Joe tolerated it.

As a direct result of their insanity, violent crime soared across America.

Instead of law and order, progressive DAs, encouraged by liberal politicians, embraced lawlessness and disorder.  They don’t believe in crime and punishment, only crime and no punishment.

Alvin Bragg, the newly elected DA in Manhattan decided to rewrite the New York laws he doesn’t like.  For example, he instructed his prosecutors to drop felony armed robbery to a misdemeanor.  Instead of 25 years behind bars, criminals walk out of jail with the equivalent of a jay-walking ticket.  They’re free to rob a store at gunpoint all over again.

Bragg (which is a perfect name for such a pompous guy) nullified state laws —all without authority.  Just two weeks ago he set a career criminal free on a felony robbery charge, despite 19 open cases against him and 10 active bench warrants for his arrest.  Back on the streets, the man promptly attacked a uniformed sanitation worker in an unprovoked assault.

Bragg is sworn to uphold the law.  Instead, he is undermining the rule of law and incentivizing criminality.  The citizens he is supposed to serve and protect are now his unwitting and helpless victims.

Forget that crime has skyrocketed in New York City.  Murders shot up 52% since 2019.   Shootings are up 104% and car theft 91%.  Subway slashings and stabbings are a daily event, up 35% this year.  Walk down the street and you may get hit by a stray bullet.  Black citizens have been harmed the most since they were victims in 65% of murders and 74% of shootings.

The same pattern of criminality has consumed Los Angeles which is now regarded as “violent crime central” thanks to the lefty policies of DA George Gascon who is the BFF of all criminals there.  I’m surprised they haven’t thrown him a parade.

A couple of days ago, a trans child molester was heard on a jailhouse recording gloating about the slap on the wrist she got.  She boasted that nothing would happen to her thanks to Gascon and his deranged policies.  She laughed that she won’t have to go back to prison or even register as a sex offender.

Voters have only themselves to blame for electing people like Gascon and Bragg.

In San Francisco, they elected Chesa Boudin, whose parents were both convicted of murder as members of the violent Weather Underground.  Raised by radicals who founded the domestic terror group, Boudin has spent much of his time as DA working to get his father released from prison.  Good use of time…because he succeeded.  Meanwhile, his liberal soft-on-crime policies have helped drive up record crime in San Francisco.

Boudin and Gascon are now facing a recall election by voters who have suddenly awakened from their slumber and are suffering an acute case of buyer’s remorse.  But it’s too late for the innocent victims who mistakenly expected both DAs to uphold and enforce the law.

So much of this was entirely predictable.  In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by a racist cop, opportunistic rioters terrorized cities across America.  Vandalism, looting, arson, assaults and general lawlessness came into vogue as an expression of uber-wokeness.  The media told us it was perfectly acceptable behavior.

If you didn’t applaud BLM, you were cancelled and condemned.  If you didn’t join the Defund The Police crowd, you were denounced as a heretic and spat upon.  The consequences can be found in crime statistics.

Nationwide, homicides are up 30%.  The murder rate rose 44% in 22 major U.S. cities.  Rogue prosecutors are to blame, along with liberal politicians who have all but outlawed bail for career criminals and even violent offenders.

Now, there is the inexorable boomerang effect.  BLM is under fire for millions of unaccounted for dollars and the toxic divisions it wrought.  Defund The Police is also facing a reckoning.  Amid spiraling crime rates, it has been supplanted by a Refund The Police movement.  Citizens are frightened…and their fear is driving a new and enlightened reality.

Americans have finally, if belatedly, come to realize that police and prosecutors are the only thing standing in the way of a criminal takeover of communities everywhere.  And a secure border is also a key component.