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The Brief: Biden’s Failed Presidency is on the Ballot and Democrats Will Pay the Price

Gregg is joined by John and Jim McLaughlin, Republican pollsters who run McLaughlin & Associates.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Every day brings fresh evidence that Joe Biden’s disaster of a presidency is finished.

His name is not on the ballot, but his incompetence is.  In less than two weeks voters have an opportunity to voice their rejection of Biden, his stewardship of a failing economy, record inflation, rampant crime, chaos at the border, and his “woke” progressive policies like the Green New Deal that have divided —not united— Americans.  If polling data is accurate, Democrats will experience a trouncing in the House of Representatives.  They could lose the Senate, as well.  But make no mistake, the mid-term elections are a referendum on a president who veered insanely to the left and wrecked prosperity in the process.

Look at any poll.  They are all similar —a condemnation of Joe Biden’s agenda and himself.  Americans correctly blame the president for driving the U.S. off an economic cliff.  His $6 trillion in reckless spending flooded the marketplace with dollars that drove up inflation to a record level.  His war on fossil fuels caused gasoline prices to skyrocket as the nation lost its energy independence and became reliant on more expensive foreign oil.  He never lifted a finger to tamp down raging crime that has terrorized major cities.  He refused to even visit our southern border where millions have crossed into the U.S. creating an unparalleled crisis.  Instead, he put a dunce in charge.  Kamala Harris had no idea what to do, so she simply abandoned any attempt to deal with it.

Anyone who has ever followed Joe Biden’s political career knew this would happen.  He has a long record of bungling everything he touches.  Former president Barack Obama knew it all too well…which is why he infamously warned, “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”  Biden has the uncanny ability to ruin whatever is in front of him.  He could screw-up a free lunch.  His declining mental state only compounds his mess.

On Monday, for the umpteenth time, he referred to his vice president as “a great president.”  In a weekend interview, he said that his unilateral debt forgiveness plan “passed by a vote or two,” even though no one voted.  He said his son Beau, who died of cancer, “lost his life in Iraq.”  He asks the whereabouts of a dead congresswoman.  When he isn’t mangling someone’s name or forgetting it entirely, he’s imagining events that never happened.  The list of verbal blunders is endless and alarming.  He confuses what year it is.  He blissfully licks an ice cream cone while declaring, “Our economy is strong as hell,” oblivious to our 8.2 percent inflation rate that has demolished lives and livelihoods.  He wanders around a stage shaking imaginary hands and is befuddled over where to go.  His aides give him cue cards with the kind of directions you’d offer a five-year-old.  “Walk up the stairs.  When you reach the top, move toward the podium.  Read aloud the teleprompter.  Do not deviate.”  You get the picture.  It’s pathetic and sad.  And dangerous.

Biden’s incompetence is doing real damage.  And not just to the economy.  His humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan —against sound military advice— was an epic foreign policy humiliation.  He has managed to fracture important alliances.  According to The Wall Street Journal, the Saudi Crown Prince “mocks President Biden in private, making fun of the 79-year-old’s gaffes and questioning his mental acuity.”  Biden’s statements on Taiwan get walked back by his own aides.  The White House is in a perpetual state of clean-up whenever Joe speaks.  Is it any wonder that most Democrat candidates don’t want the president to come anywhere near their campaigns?

Voters have had enough.  Current polling shows that a reckoning is imminent.  By the time ballots are counted, the presidency of Joe Biden will be functionally over.  It cannot come soon enough.

Yes.. the president insists he’ll run for re-election.  But that’s an illusion.  It’ll never happen.  Once Republicans regain control of at least one body in congress, investigations into the Hunter Biden influence peddling schemes will kick into overdrive.  Joe’s complicity and the evidence that directly implicates him, will drive down his polling numbers even further into political oblivion.