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The Brief: Garland and Wray Politicized the DOJ and FBI, While Betraying America’s Trust

Gregg is joined by former FBI Special Agent Tom Baker, author of the book, “The Fall of the FBI.”

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Honesty, virtue, and fidelity to the law are alien concepts to Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray.

It is not that the attorney general and the FBI director are incompetent like their boss, Joe Biden.  Far from it.  They are crafty and cunning operators.  Armed with immense power and unlimited resources, they have become a law unto themselves.  Their desired end —often political— justifies any corrupt or wrongful means.  Operating under color of authority, they exploit it for partisan reasons.

They launch investigations that are unwarranted, while refusing to pursue those that are warranted.  They conduct raids based on ideology not law, persecuting people with whom they disagree.  Parents who complain at school board meetings are deemed terrorist threats.  So, too, are Catholics.  Pro-life activists are treated as criminals, while violent abortion activists and ANTIFA are allowed to commit crimes with impunity.

In case after case, liberals or progressives get a free pass.  They receive protection from transgressions large and small.  This is especially true of those close to President Biden, including his influence peddling son whose foreign self-enrichment schemes involving his father may amount to the most lucrative sell-out of America in history.

At the DOJ, Garland refuses to appoint a special counsel or otherwise recuse himself from a criminal investigation into his own boss and his notorious son, while ignoring federal rules that demand disqualification.  Why won’t he step aside?  Because he’s running interference for the Bidens.

Over at the FBI, whistleblowers have produced evidence that the bureau buried the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and helped spread the absurd lie that it was Russian disinformation.  The agency played an instrumental role in censoring and suppressing the story, according to documents that surfaced in the “Twitter Files.”

In all matters, Garland and Wray have created a “dual system of justice.”  If you are on the wrong political end of it, you’ll find yourself targeted with the full force and might of the Department of Justice and the FBI.  If you’re on their side, there’s no need to brace the door at night.  The wolves won’t be scratching there.

Last week in a televised hearing on Capitol Hill, Attorney General Garland got roasted by U.S. Senators, and rightly so.  He tried in vain to defend his own indefensible record.

Sen. Ted Cruz ripped Garland for not bringing a single case against any of the hundreds of protesters and rioters who threatened conservative Supreme Court Justices outside their homes, harassing their families and children in clear violation of federal law (18 USC 1507).

Garland’s excuse was the definition of stupidity.  With a straight face he claimed that any arrests and prosecutions “were up to local law enforcement.”  That is not remotely true, and Garland knows it.  The intimidating thugs violated federal law by threatening federal justices.

Sen. John Kennedy drew an apt comparison to the treatment of parents who complained about critical race theory and COVID restrictions at local school board meetings.  That actually is a local law enforcement matter.

Yet, Garland chose to make it a federal case, with no authority to do so.  He sent his attack dogs at the FBI to go after parents who dared to voice their free speech objections.  At the hearing, Garland had the audacity to deny it…even though his signed order is printed in black and white.

Our nation’s attorney general has transformed himself into the symbol of “unequal justice.”  Invariably, his decisions are politically driven.  The divisive issue of abortion is a prime example.

Sen. Mike Lee pointed out that there have been 81 attacks on pro-life pregnancy centers “and only two individuals have been charged” under federal law.  Meanwhile, 34 pro-life activists have been charged for blocking access to or vandalizing abortion clinics.

Garland’s stuttering excuse has to rank as the dumbest answer in recent history.  The AG explained that ANTIFA and abortion activists tend to operate at night.  What?  Since when does the FBI only work in daylight hours?  Is it just a 9 to 5 job?  Hardly.

Garland also appeared the fool when confronted with photographic evidence of how his FBI used an armed SWAT-style team to arrest a Catholic father of seven early one morning, while his young children screamed in terror at the guns aimed at their dad.  Talk about abuse of power and excessive show of force!  It was both horrifying and disgraceful.

The father, Mark Houck, was accused of —wait for it— disorderly conduct at an abortion center.  His lawyer had offered that his client would turn himself in voluntarily.  But no, Garland and his FBI goons wanted to terrorize Houck and his family because he’s a Christian conservative who opposes abortion, which Garland favors.

The father, by the way, was acquitted in less than an hour by a jury because there was no credible evidence against him.

Senators are to be commended for exposing how the DOJ and FBI have become political organs of the Democratic Party, imposing a contemptible double standard.  Trump gets his home raided over classified documents, but Biden doesn’t.

The Washington Post reports that senior FBI agents objected to the Mar-a-Lago raid because it was excessive and unnecessary.  The dispute over records was a civil matter, not criminal, they reasoned.  They were right.

Moreover, Trump had already informed bureau agents that they could have access to everything and take what they wanted.  But Garland wanted to go after Trump, so he inflated the potential charges and overruled the FBI.  Law professor Jonathan Turley called it the “DEFCON 1” approach.  It was entirely political, not legal.

Christopher Wray didn’t fare much better than Garland when the FBI Director was grilled by Fox News Anchor, Bret Baier.  Wray was more polished and articulate than the attorney general.  But that’s like saying Joe Biden is smarter than Howdy Doody.

Wray ended up bobbing and weaving like a prize fighter.  When he wasn’t refusing to answer questions, he was dodging and deflecting.  He ducked an important inquiry about the many whistleblowers who have courageously exposed rampant internal corruption at the bureau.  He pivoted away from explaining why the FBI concealed from the American voters Joe Biden’s classified documents debacle until after the recent mid-term elections.

The FBI director also refused to address polls that show Americans have lost all confidence in what was once the world’s premiere law enforcement agency.  Under his stewardship, the bureau’s reputation is in tatters and has descended to all time low.

But the director seems to have his head stuck squarely in the sand.  Oblivious.  Arrogant.  Self-righteous.  These are typical Washington contagions.  Masks don’t help.  No vaccine is available.

In the most revealing exchange, Wray denied outright any wrongdoing by the FBI, despite clear evidence to the contrary.  Unbelievably, he claimed that agents didn’t “tell” social media companies to censor or suppress information like the Hunter Biden laptop story.  This, despite reams of documents showing that the bureau did precisely that.

Wray tried to parse his language by using the word “tell.”  It was a distinction without a difference.  Hundreds of FBI emails and text messages, as well as testimony from former Twitter executives, show that the agency cajoled, encouraged, manipulated, pressured, and all but directed the platform to kill the laptop story, which it promptly did.

The FBI also sent encrypted missives to Twitter officials pushing them to banish people from the site based on purely political views.  Every hour of every day Twitter was getting inundated by FBI demands.  The platform happily complied.

Baier confronted the director with several examples of a “dual system of justice” and how people have been treated differently by the bureau depending on their politics.  Wray simply rejected the premise by claiming that the FBI is “independent, objective, and fair.”  What a load of manure.  The record establishes just the opposite.

Is it any wonder that 53 percent of Americans think the FBI acts like “Biden’s Gestapo,” according to a Rasmussen Reports survey.  Or that half of the country distrusts the bureau?

Trust is earned.  Both Garland and Wray have squandered that trust.

The law is inviolate.  If it is to function properly, it must be fairly and equitably administered without favor regardless of politics.  But the actions of Garland and Wray demonstrate that they could care less about such vital principles.  They have empowered themselves to transgress the very rights and liberties that we cherish. They don’t serve government, they seek to undermine it.

In so doing, Garland and Wray attack the very structure of democracy and our systems of justice.  They inflict significant harm to the reputation of federal law enforcement and the integrity of the thousands of individuals who serve faithfully and honorably.