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The Brief: Hillary’s Spygate Scandal Reminds Americans How Crooked She Is

Gregg is joined by John Solomon, an award-winning journalist, author, and CEO and Editor In Chief of Just The News.

Hillary Clinton’s sleazy schemes are boundless.  The ruthless tactics she is willing to employ in her quest for power are constrained only by the limits of her corrupt imagination.

The latest evidence of Clinton slime was made public in a recent federal court filing by Special Counsel John Durham in his prosecution of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann who was indicted for lying to the FBI while doing Hillary’s dirty work to smear her political opponent, Donald Trump, with false accusations.

In the court papers, Durham reveals that Clinton’s confederates utilized the services of a computer company to “exploit access to Internet data…for the purpose of gathering derogatory information about Donald Trump” both during and after the 2016 presidential election.

If that language is hard to understand, allow me to simplify.  A tech company helped Hillary’s campaign covertly penetrate computer servers to dig up dirt on Trump.  No dirt was found, so they simply manufactured it out of thin air.

The tech outfit already had special access to servers at Trump Tower, Trump’s New York City apartment and, later, the White House.  But that access was supposed to be for “resolution services.”  What’s that?  It’s a service to help keep your data private, often by providing malware and phishing blocking.

But the tech company exceeded its authority and began snooping on Trump and his associates and mining their communications data.  Without their knowledge or permission, cyber sleuths did a deep dive into domain name traffic at Trump locations.  They took innocuous information and, with the help of Clinton’s lawyers, peddled it as nefarious back-channel communications between Trump and a Kremlin-linked financial institution called Alfa Bank.

It was completely untrue, but that didn’t seem to matter.  Clinton acolytes claimed their evidence proved that Trump was secretly colluding with Russia.  They tipped off the FBI, the CIA, and the Trump-hating media.  In an instant, the Great Russia Hoax took flight with the help of a phony “dossier” filled with lies that was also invented by team Hillary.

In reality, much of the tech company’s pilfered information was nothing more than routine internet traffic such as computer-generated and automated advertising that came from a mass marketing email company that located its server in Trump Tower.  No, Trump and his associates were not using rare Russians cell phones.  No, they were not conspiring or even talking with people in with Moscow.

Instead of doing its job properly to help to keep data private, the tech company did the opposite.  It mined the data with the intent of making it public to damage Trump.

At present, the mainstream media is determined to ignore Durham’s bombshell.  Why?  Because they spent the entirety of Trump’s presidency claiming —without credible evidence— that he was a Russian stooge.  To report now that it was all fabricated by Hillary Clinton who was also spying on her opponent would be an admission that they were profoundly wrong.

Oh, damn…I used that dreaded word “spying.”  CNN’s Don Lemon and other useful idiots in the mainstream media say that’s wrong and disgraceful.

If you listen to Don Lemon or the muttonheads at MSNBC (and I try not to because I’m prone to nausea), or if you’re stuck reading the liberal rag Vanity Fair because it’s the only thing sitting on the table at the car wash, then you are informed in no uncertain terms that this is definitely not spying.  Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

But take a moment to actually look up the word “spying” in your handy Oxford Language dictionary online.  It’s defined as —quote— “secretly collecting information about enemies or competitors.”  Okay, that makes sense.  It’s a word with common, everyday usage.  And it’s exactly what Clinton and her minions were doing.  Team Clinton worked with a tech company to surreptitiously penetrate computer servers to secretly collect information about her political opponent.  Fits like a glove, doesn’t it?

People are free to call it something else —like “surveillance” or “infiltration” or “intrusion.”  I don’t really care.  But in my book, it’s good ‘ol fashion “spying” or “snooping” with a devious purpose.  And you don’t get anymore devious and malevolent than Hillary and her cadre of cronies and dirty-tricksters.  It’s classic Clinton.  She’s like the character “Pig-Pen” in the comic strip Peanuts.  A cloud of dirt and filth trails her wherever she goes.

Hillary’s name is synonymous with scandal.  Whitewater, Travelgate, Cattlegate, Filegate, Benghazi, the list seems endless.  And who can forget Clinton’s email scandal?  That one was a Burger King-style whopper.  But none of those can hold a candle to The Russia Hoax.  That was the mother of all scandals with Hillary’s name writ large all over it.

As I explained in my book Witch Hunt: The Story Of The Greatest Mass Delusion In American Political History, it was Clinton who invented the elaborate collusion hoax, financed it, and directed the process by which it was circulated to the gullible and biased media.  She saw to it that her false claims were then disseminated by her minions working secretly in the shadows.

Hillary was the architect and master designer of the dirtiest trick ever committed in politics.  Because of her, Americans suffered for years through malignant investigations as Democrats and their partners in the press assured us that Trump conspired with Putin in the bowels of the Kremlin.

It was all a despicable lie.  In the end, Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his hit squad of partisans found no evidence of a collusion conspiracy.  The media was shell-shocked and heartbroken.  So, they pretended it never happened.  Oops!  Except we get to keep the Pulitzer Prizes we gave ourselves for getting the story wrong.  Right?

Hillary engineered all of it —the phony dossier and the Alfa Bank scam.  She acted like a mob boss running a criminal enterprise in the grand tradition of racketeering.  Think John Gotti in a pastel pant suit.  Unfortunately, in pursuit of organized crime, it is exceedingly difficult for prosecutors to nab the person at the top.  They got Gotti, but I doubt they’ll ever get Hillary.

The reason is simple —she was smart and clever.  She had layers of people carry out her machinations, always maintaining a safe distance separated through a complex chain of people.  Unless people in the chain break their silence and implicate Clinton, she will escape culpability.

Her fictive dossier is a perfect example of her cunning.  Here’s how it worked.  Hillary fed money from her presidential campaign to the law firm of Perkins Coie, which hired the opposition research firm of Fusion GPS, which hired ex-British spy Christopher Steele, who hired former Brookings analyst Igor Danchenko, who came full circle back to Clinton ally Charles H. Dolan Jr. (among others), who helped feed the specious accusations against Trump contained in the dossier.

Clinton, a lawyer, was shrewd in her choice of the persons closest to her in the chain —lawyers at Perkins Coie.  They represented both her and the campaign.  By using them as the initial conduit for her schemes, she could hide behind the attorney-client privilege.  They are muzzled by law from implicating her.  That’s about as slick as it gets.

One of the great ironies about Hillary is that she served as a young staffer on the House Judiciary Committee that helped bring down President Richard Nixon for his lawlessness and dirty tricks.  You would think that Clinton would have learned a valuable lesson in ethics and honesty in government.  Apparently, she learned just the opposite: how to perpetrate dirty tricks.  You could say that she learned from the master.

Evidence of Clinton’s role in the collusion canard has slowly emerged from declassified records.  It was July 26, 2016 when she personally approved the plot to vilify Trump with the bogus collusion claims.  You can read all about it in now-declassified documents from the CIA.  The genesis of the smear came directly from Hillary herself as a strategy to distract from her own email scandal.

Two days later, President Obama was alerted by CIA Director John Brennan, but Obama appears to have done nothing except keep the scandal concealed to protect Hillary.  Intelligence officials then sent an investigative referral on Clinton to then-FBI Director James Comey and his deputy, Peter Strzok.  Predictably, they buried it.  It’s good to have friends in high places.

Fortunately for Americans who care about truth and justice, John Durham is not pals with Hillary Clinton.  He seems intent on doggedly pursuing his investigation without fear or favor.

Meanwhile, Hillary, who still has visions of the Oval Office dancing in her head as the current occupant falters, has been dealt a serious setback by these latest revelations of her abiding corruption.  It reminds voters of just how crooked she is.  Naturally, her fall-back response is to lie and deflect.

In a tweet, she reacted to Durham’s disclosures by asserting that Trump and Fox News are “desperately spinning up a fake scandal to distract from his real one.”  She then referred people to the Vanity Fair story.

I’m guessing she just got her car washed.