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The Brief

The Brief: House Probe Vows to Unravel Biden Family Corruption as Hearings Begin

Gregg is joined by Peter Schweizer, bestselling author of Red Handed.

Leave it to the Bidens to make history as multiple members of the presidential family are under the criminal microscope.

A special counsel is investigating Joe Biden’s mishandling of classified documents scattered in his private office, garage, home, and who knows where else.

His son, Hunter, is the subject of an ongoing criminal probe by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware examining tax fraud, money laundering, and other potential crimes arising from his overseas business dealings that smack of brazen influence peddling.  The laptop that Hunter now concedes is his —after denying it for more than two years— contains a trove of damning evidence that appears to implicate his father.

The feds are reportedly also investigating the president’s younger brother, James Biden, over shady moneymaking ventures, some of which are connected to his nephew Hunter.  Still other members of the president’s family —including his brother, Frank— are being scrutinized over brash efforts to monetize their relationship to the president and profit from his position of power.

Factor in the House Oversight Committee’s inquiry and you’ve got a veritable smorgasbord of investigations into wrongdoing.  An interim staff report issued two months ago by that panel refers to “the Biden family’s layers of corruption and self-dealing.”

The complexity of those layers is compounded by the family’s audacious attempts to obscure their activities.  Joe’s Department of Justice and FBI have served as witting accessories to the coverups, orchestrating a concerted campaign to bury, censor, and suppress.

On Wednesday, the committee will commence a series of hearings that could, in the end, produce a torrent of incriminating evidence.  “This is not about Hunter Biden, it’s about Joe Biden,” said Rep James Comer, the chairman.  But much will depend on whether witnesses decide to tell the truth or endeavor to remain silent.  Or simply lie through their teeth.  I’m betting on the latter.

Simultaneously (and not by accident), Hunter’s newly constituted team of pricey hot-shot lawyers have launched a shameless counter-offensive.  Their aim is to weaponize intimidation to silence critics.

It’s bad enough that Joe Biden and Merrick Garland concealed from the American people and Congress for more than two months the discovery of classified documents in his private office at the University of Pennsylvania.  But now we learn that they covered up the FBI’s search of his office in November —also for two months.

You’ve already been caught with the goods, so why not be honest about it?  Laughably, the president continues to insist he’s been transparent.  The opposite is true.  He hides the facts and refuses to be fully forthcoming.  For old Joe, old habits are hard to break.

It’s the same strategy Biden adopted when evidence first emerged of his son’s prodigious influence peddling schemes.  Deflect, dissemble, and deny.  Tell the public you know nothing about it even though documents show you were knowledgeable and seemingly complicit.  Tell everyone that Hunter’s laptop is Russian disinformation even though you know it’s the real deal.

Washington has long been crippled by herd mentality.  In a city where everyone lies, why should the president embrace a higher standard?  That would require leadership and a moral compass.  Biden is devoid of both.  Is it merely a coincidence that the classified documents squirreled away in his private office at U-Penn reportedly involved Ukraine?

Let’s consider that.  We know that Hunter had access to the office since he’s enjoyed carte blanche entry to everything his father does.  Emails on the son’s notorious laptop show that he provided a sophisticated 22-point memo to his Ukrainian contacts that looks suspiciously like it came directly from classified material, says Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), who has been investigating Hunter’s foreign business dealings.

Three days after Hunter sent Ukraine the information, his business partner Devon Archer met with the elder Biden at the White House, noted Johnson.  Then Joe jetted off to Ukraine.  Immediately after that sojourn, a ridiculous amount of money started flowing into Hunter’s bank account.  $83,000 each month.  That’s close to a million bucks per year.  Not a bad cash haul for a guy who has no marketable skills and no experience in Ukraine or the energy sector.

None of this can be mere happenstance.  I rarely abide coincidences.  The aforementioned bears the unmistakable stench of corruption. The selling of information, access, and promises of influence.

Where did Hunter get all the purported intel he was handing out like candies on Halloween?  He has no security clearance for classified records.  It is shocking that the FBI hasn’t searched Hunter’s home to scrutinize his files or seize his computer equipment and devices.

The laptop alone, which the FBI has had in its possession since December of 2019, offers plenty of probable cause for an all-encompassing search warrant.  Yet, the DOJ and FBI have taken a “hands off” approach to the president’s nefarious son.  Why?  The answer is obvious: the fix is in to protect both Bidens.

Hunter’s money-making schemes also included Russia.  Laptop documents show he offered to sell intelligence on Russian oligarchs (Oleg Deripaska, among others) to American aluminum company Alcoa for $55,000, according to a report by the New York Post.

Did some of that intel come from classified records that Hunter accessed at his father’s home, garage, or office?  Emails, photos, and visitor logs show that Joe was meeting frequently with his son’s partners.  This belies the father’s claim that he knew nothing about it.

Hunter netted tens of millions from his illicit schemes in Russia, China, Ukraine, and other countries overseas where his dad exerted influence.  The son currently pays $20,000 a month for a nearly 7,000 square foot mansion in ritzy Malibu.  Where in the world did that kind of cash come from?  And did Joe benefit financially, as well?  Did he sell out America and jeopardize national security?  These are legitimate questions that demand answers.

A lot of payola appears to have come from China.  Hunter got an interest-free and forgivable $5 million dollar loan.  Banking records show that even more cash was funneled into accounts he controlled.  What was he delivering to the Chinese in exchange for the truckloads of money?

We know that Hunter Biden is capable of uncommon sleaze.  Newly revealed text messages reported by the Post show he paid his female assistant thousands of dollars “off the books” for sex chats and naked FaceTime encounters.  His dalliances are memorialized on his laptop.  How’s that for twisted?  Or just plain stupid.

The woman was one of at least four who hooked up with him while on his payroll.  JP Morgan Chase flagged the money transfers in one of the 150 Suspicious Activity Reports (SARS) that “also highlighted payments made by Hunter to people with ties to human trafficking or the adult entertainment industry.”  You’ll find that tidbit in the Oversight Committee report.

So far, Joe’s Treasury Dept. refuses to handover the SARS to congress.  There’s a surprise.  The Biden family protection racket appears to extend well beyond the FBI and DOJ into other federal departments.

The Oversight Committee is digging deep.  It is aided by a raft of whistleblowers who have come forward with allegedly incriminating evidence that may shed a bright light on the Biden enterprises and the administration’s efforts to cover it up.  The FBI’s instrumental role in suppressing the laptop story by manipulating Big Tech companies into censoring it is already well established by the so-called Twitter Files.

Meanwhile, the Biden machine is ramping up its scare tactics.  Hunter’s team of lawyers fired off letters demanding that his father’s own Justice Department and Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings (a devoted Biden acolyte) launch a criminal investigation into John Paul Mac Isaac, the computer repairman who blew the whistle on Hunter’s laptop.  But here’s the problem: it was never “stolen” as Biden lawyers absurdly claim.  It was clearly and demonstrably abandoned.  Under both law and contract, custody transferred to Isaac.

Others who disseminated the computer’s contents are also targets of Hunter’s vindictive machine.  The accusations against them are unsupported by the facts and law.  Nothing was illegally accessed, and the circulation of the laptop data is protected under free speech principles.

If anyone should be investigated for lawlessness it is Hunter’s lawyers who concocted false allegations to trigger state and federal probes.

The ethics of these legal ploys stink like five-day old fish.  They are abusive and contemptible.  Get your father’s people to run interference under the guise of baseless threats of criminal action.  Isaac did nothing wrong and the law is entirely on his side.

But that’s not the point.  The Biden goal is to frighten critics into silence.  Or try to send them to jail.

As Kimberley Strassel of The Wall Street Journal put it, “This comes down to Hunter asking employees and buddies of his dad to pursue a vendetta on his pampered behalf. Classic.”