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The Brief: How the Liberal Media Keeps Propping up an Incompetent President

Miranda Devine, columnist for the New York Post, joins Gregg on this edition of “The Brief”

Biden's Mask Trouble

The only thing that’s cratering faster than the U.S. economy is Joe Biden’s approval rating.

The corollary is obvious. An incompetent president and his dimwitted policies have driven our nation to financial ruin with sky-high inflation that’s choking the economic life out of average Americans. So, naturally, tens of millions of victims are placing the blame exactly where it belongs –in Joe’s lap.

The latest Civiqs Poll’s daily tracking survey of registered voters give Biden an abysmal approval rating of 30 percent. I’d love to meet those nutballs who think everything is fine and dandy. Maybe they never have to fill up their gas tanks or shop for groceries. They’re either the privileged elite or they’ve got their heads squarely in the sand. Maybe they somehow believe the rubbish that Biden and his screwball crew in the White House are dishing out.

On Friday, Biden said, “Now, look, I know times are tough. Prices are too high. Families are facing a cost-of-living crunch…but my economic plan is moving this country in a better direction.”

Here’s my question: does Joe think we’re as dumb as he is? If so, he’s sorely mistaken or delusional. Biden thinks we’re moving in a “better direction,” but 85 percent of Americans say we’re heading in the wrong direction, according to a new AP poll. A Monmouth poll has it at 88 percent. Biden probably doesn’t read polls. He has a tough enough time reading the teleprompter.

His press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, is not much smarter. A day earlier she told the White House press corp, “We are stronger economically than we have been in history.” What history books has she been reading? “Cat In the Hat?” Not history.

Business writer Carol Roth reacted to Karine’s twaddle by correctly observing, “First quarter GDP was negative…and if the second quarter projection is close, we are in a recession. Pure gaslighting.”

It’s worse than gaslighting. Biden and his minions are just plain lying to the American people. And no one’s buying it. Except the suck-ups in the press that continue to cover up for Biden’s train-wreck of a presidency.

If you listen to the mainstream media, they’ll tell you that the most important issues in America today (per Rasmussen Reports data) are climate change, the Ukraine war, the January 6th investigation, COVID 19, and LGBTQ issues. But faux journalists in the Washington-New York corridor, who tend to dominate news coverage, are both hopelessly clueless and riven with a suffocating liberal bias.

They haven’t the foggiest idea what ails the rest of the country. They reside in their cozy bubble where their distorted beliefs bounce around in a reinforcing echo chamber. Reporters have no idea that Americans are struggling to make ends meet.

Real people, which necessarily excludes journalists, care about what affects them personally –especially their pocketbooks. Voters say rising gas prices, inflation, the economy, and violent crime are what concern them the most. So, the media isn’t even close. They’re way out of touch with the people to whom they preach.

Today’s press is utterly oblivious to the fact that, after a year and a half of Joe Biden’s presidency, Americans are fed up with his chronic blundering. They’ve come to realize that he’s a doddering fool who’s unfit to serve in the nation’s highest office. His disapproval rating hovers at 60 percent. And rising. A full 64 percent of Democrats don’t want him to run again. His own party doesn’t like him. 94 % of Democrat voters under the age of 30 want someone else.

The main problem is Biden himself. Every time Joe opens his yap, he mangles the message. Whenever he shuffles out to the podium to read the words that someone else wrote for him in a teleprompter, he stumbles, fumbles, and mumbles. He’s a barely ambulatory catastrophe. A one-man gaffe machine.

On Friday, during remarks on abortion, Biden recited verbatim the stage directions printed in the teleprompter. “End of quote…repeat the line,” he said. Biden continued as if nothing had happened. He had no idea what he was saying. He’s so far gone that he didn’t even realize it. It’s a microcosm of his entire presidency. A Ron Burgundy moment if ever there was one. But it got worse.

Instead of saying, “terminate the pregnancy,” he said, “terminate the presidency.” Frankly that’s not a bad idea.

Biden is mentally impaired. His intellectual acuity is embarrassingly diminished. He wanders off point, loses his train of thought, gets easily confused, and can’t seem to remember the names of his own cabinet members. How many times has he referred to Kamala Harris as “president?” Which is, I suppose, better than thinking that Grover Cleveland occupies the Oval Office. But only slightly better.

All the while, the mainstream media keeps offering up excuses for a president who is functionally incompetent. They regard him as their liberal icon and keep cheering him on. They prop him up like a cardboard cut-out. It is no wonder that Americans have come to loathe the press. Crooks and thieves have more credibility. And the media couldn’t care less.

Joining me now to talk about it is Miranda Devine, popular columnist for the New York Post, who also penned the bestselling book, “Laptop From Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.”