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The Brief: Hunter Biden Pocketed Millions in Chinese Cash for No “Services”; Only Promises of Joe’s Influence

Gregg is joined by Brett Tolman, former U.S. Attorney in Utah

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden

As a torrent of foreign money flooded into Hunter Biden-controlled accounts, a money laundering expert hired by a bank that handled the transactions concluded that the Chinese appeared to be buying political influence through the son of the man who was running for president.  The damning evidence was all laid out in a 2018 email that was kept under wraps.  Until now.

Some of the $5 million in Chinese cash eventually made its way into Joe Biden’s own bank account, although the check he deposited labeled it as a “loan repayment.”  What a coincidence.  Because the original $5 million was also portrayed by Hunter as a loan.  Except there was “no loan agreement document submitted,” said the bank.  Legally speaking, it wasn’t a loan at all.

This stunning information was released recently by the House Oversight Committee that is leading an impeachment inquiry against President Biden.  It corroborates the incriminating evidence already uncovered in other financial records, suspicious activity reports (SARs) kept by the Treasury Department, and testimony from Hunter’s former partners, as well as sworn statements by whistleblowers at the FBI and IRS.

What exactly did Hunter do to receive the riches?  Nothing, noted the bank investigator who studied the paperwork.  The payments were “erratic” in their frequency, did “not appear to have any services rendered,” and Hunter’s supposed company had “no current business purpose.”  In other words, it was slyly designed as a receptacle for parking payola.

The bank ordered the review because it knew that “China was targeting children of politicians and purchasing political influence through ‘sweetheart deals.’”  So alarmed was the examiner that he advised his employer to re-evaluate the bank’s relationship with the younger Biden.  Why?  The transactions had all of the classic earmarks of money laundering, bribery, fraud, tax evasion, and felonious influence peddling.

Separately, newly disclosed records also show that Hunter set up direct monthly payments to his father from the very same corporate account that received the Chinese cash through a Biden operated entity called Owasco, PC, according to James Comer, Chairman of the Oversight Committee.  The documented payments occurred in September, October, and November of 2018, as Joe Biden was ramping up his campaign for president.

The aforementioned $5 million harvested from a Beijing company closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party is just a fraction of the avalanche of money that Hunter pocketed and then funneled to at least nine members of the Biden family, including his dad.  The cash was coughed up only after Hunter allegedly sent a WhatsApp message to a Chinese executive threatening to invoke his father’s political connections if their cash demands were not met.

“I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled,” said the encrypted missive.  “I will make certain that between the man sitting next to me and every person he knows and my ability to forever hold a grudge that you will regret not following my direction.  I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”  With that, the Chinese promptly forked over the dough.

In his well-documented book, “Red Handed,” veteran investigative reporter Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute meticulously tracked “some $31 million from individuals with direct ties to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence —and Joe Biden personally benefited while softening his position on China.”

We all can see clearly what was going on.  Hunter Biden was selling his father to the world —China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania, and a half a dozen other countries over which Joe Biden exerted influence as Vice President.  Even more clout could be leveraged once he was elected President.

Tens of millions poured in to a labyrinth of shell companies cleverly set up by Hunter to disguise the sources.  The Oversight Committee has only exposed the tip of the Biden income iceberg.  Penetrating the deep coverup has been a Herculean task.

All along, Joe Biden has been lying about his complicity by claiming that he knew nothing at all about his son’s nefarious deals.  Yet, documents and testimony produced by the committee prove that he conversed by phone with Hunter’s clients, met personally with his son’s overseas partners, and even attended their closely-guarded meetings.

In every way possible, the elder Biden seems to have aided and abetted multiple scams and schemes to sell out America’s national security to the highest foreign bidders while enriching his family, if not himself.

You’ll recall that Joe was identified in an infamous laptop email as “the Big Guy” who stood to receive a ten percent cut of profits from his son’s shakedowns.  And guess what?  The $40,000 that landed in dear ‘ol dad’s bank account was exactly 10% of the initial $400,000 wire transfer from the Chinese.

But it doesn’t matter.  As I’ve explained previously, the law doesn’t care whether Joe bagged a single penny.  Under the bribery statute, 18 USC 201, it is still a crime if the payout was directed to “any other person or entity, with intent to influence any official act.” A promise or offer alone in exchange for cash is sufficient to support a felony indictment against a public official, even if he received no money himself.

What were the Chinese buying?  That part of the quid pro quo equation is still shrouded in mystery.  But it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.  Favoritism in American foreign policy —to the detriment of U.S. interests— is a fair bet.

And once Biden assumed office, Beijing would have the power to call the shots under threat of blackmail.  This is exactly why both bribery and treason are impeachable offense under the Constitution.  Our Framers feared a future president who might compromise the nation to get rich.

It’s patently obvious that Hunter Biden is a grifter extraordinaire.  He has no marketable skills and operated no actual or legitimate businesses.  Everything he did appears to have been manifestly corrupt and likely illegal under a myriad of federal criminal laws, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

But to Democrat apologists and their obedient media allies, the mountain of documented evidence is no more than a pesky ant hill.  Nothing to see here.  Joe is a paragon of virtue and did nothing wrong.  Ignore the mounting proof of his collaboration in peddling “the Biden brand” to America’s adversaries.  It’s all a vast right wing conspiracy conjured up by those vicious Republicans.

That’s the risible argument that Rep. Jamie Raskin is selling as the ranking Democrat on the Oversight Committee.  Having already admitted that Hunter did “a lot of really unlawful and wrong things,” Raskin insists that his GOP counterparts have “not been able to show any criminal corruption on his (Joe’s) part.”

That makes Raskin the quintessential denialist.  He’ll blithely dispute the existence or validity of even the most explicit truths.  And do it with a straight face.  But I guess that’s what a Harvard education gets you.

Maybe Ben Franklin was right when he described Cambridge students as “little better than Dunces and Blockheads.”