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The Brief: In Denying Bribery and Corruption, Joe Biden Taunted Congress to Find the Money. It Did.

Gregg is joined by Seamus Bruner, Director of Research at the Government Accountability Institute and author of the new book “Controligarchs.”

Joe Biden

“Where’s the money?”  That was the cocky question that a grinning Joe Biden posed when a secret FBI document surfaced in June alleging that both he and his son pocketed $10 million in bribes from Ukraine.

Although the information came from a trusted agency informant with an impeccable track record, maybe Joe thought that Hunter had done such a fine job of hiding millions in foreign cash that no one could ever trace it back to them.

But taunts like that one have a way of coming back to bite you in the ass.

By following an immense paper trial of banking records, clandestine shell companies, and more than 150 Suspicious Activity Reports flagged by financial institutions, the House Oversight Committee has managed to locate truck loads of overseas money.  Some of it made its way into Joe’s fat bank account.

In one transaction, Hunter received $400,000 from a Chinese energy company with close ties to the Community Party.  He first bought a fancy Porsche for himself, then funneled the rest of it through several accounts before giving a percentage to his uncle James Biden, who promptly cut a check to his brother Joe in the amount of $40,000.

In all, more than $24 million in foreign cash streamed into Biden-controlled accounts.

Notice the amount?  It was exactly the “10% to the Big Guy” share that Hunter’s infamous laptop memo called for.  Yet, that split was only a fraction of the payola pouring in.

The Chinese company eventually coughed up $5 million, but only after Hunter fired off a WhatsApp message to Beijing threatening that he and his father (“sitting next to me”) would seek vengeance if the company, CEFC, didn’t wire all of the promised dough immediately.  The full amount arrived days later.  The Committee is still trying to figure out where the rest of it landed.

In all, more than $24 million in foreign cash streamed into Biden-controlled accounts.  It was all carefully concealed through a labyrinth of shell companies —likely meant to disguise the original sources, evade taxes, and avoid criminal corruption charges.

The $40,000 check to Joe Biden —like another $200,000 check from James to Joe— notes that it’s a “loan reimbursement.”  Really?  Where is the evidence of an original loan?  Or a loan document, or interest payments?  Joe never revealed it as required in financial disclosure forms, nor is it identified it on any tax forms.

But even if it was a legitimate loan, that is largely irrelevant.  The laundered money came from Chinese interests who seemed to be buying Joe’s political influence, which is exactly what the Bidens were selling.  That makes the President susceptible to blackmail, as Committee Chairman James Comer noted, and thereby jeopardizes America’s national security.

These discoveries put a lie to Joe Biden’s repeated public claims that neither he nor his son ever received money from China.  They most certainly did.  Documents and testimony prove that Joe met personally with his son’s Chinese partners.  And only thereafter did the money flow like a river to the Bidens.

IRS whistleblowers confirmed that the Bidens banked millions of dollars from corrupt foreign sources.  With Hunter as the point person, they shook down Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania, and Kazakhstan.  These were just some of their wealthy benefactors.

Access and promises of influence were the quid pro quo.  Hunter’s former partner, Devon Archer, confirmed it in his testimony.  The “Biden brand” was a cash cow that made the family wealthy.  Their self-enrichment schemes netted tens of millions of dollars.

Exploiting a public office, such as the vice presidency, for personal financial gain by conferring promises of benefits to foreign nationals in exchange for money constitutes a variety of potential crimes, including bribery, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, foreign lobbying crimes, as well as felonies under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Of course, bribery is also specified as an impeachable offense under the Constitution.

Naturally, the mainstream media that is so dedicated to protecting the Bidens has shown no interest in pursuing the prodigious money trail.  But Chairman Comer is undeterred.  On Sunday, he told Fox News that the Biden family will be served with “two dozen” subpoenas in the coming days.  He wants to know what pivotal role Joe Biden played in all the shady schemes.

Meanwhile, the president’s confederates in government have abused their positions of power to obstruct Comer’s impeachment inquiry at every turn, running a well-oiled protection racket for the First Family.

As the House committee closes in on the incriminating evidence, Hunter Biden fired off a noxious editorial published in USA Today embracing the mantel of victimhood.  He accused Republicans in congress and conservatives in the media of “weaponizing” his addiction against him.

That’s a load of sanctimonious and disingenuous bull shit, proclaimed The New York Post.  I couldn’t agree more.

Let’s set the record straight.  Nobody is “weaponizing” his addiction except Hunter Biden.  He’s shamelessly exploiting it for gain as he tries to manufacture public sympathy.  Hunter seems to think that drug addiction carries a special dispensation or exemption that somehow excuses his criminal behavior.  It doesn’t.

Rationalizing that addiction makes him a victim that forgives all corrupt conduct is like arguing that widows and orphans should be allowed to rob banks.

In his editorial, Hunter claims he accepts responsibility for his actions.  But in the next breath he shifts blame to everyone else, including Fox News and his father’s own Justice Department.  In Hunter’s twisted mind, truth is “disinformation.”

No, it’s called evidence.

Hunter Biden is not a victim.  He’s a perpetrator who’s been charged criminally.  If anything, he has been the beneficiary of preferential treatment and politically-driven favoritism, as the IRS whistleblowers recounted in intimate detail.  Anyone else would have been indicted long ago for a host of other crimes that would send them to prison for decades.

But Hunter is a privileged son with no skills except as a grifter and con artist who sold to foreign adversaries access to his father with promises of influence, compromising our nation’s interests and jeopardizing its security.

And yet, he whines and wallows in a sob story.  To hear him tell it, he should be celebrated instead of prosecuted.  Really?  For what?  Blowing (literally) millions of dollars in ill-gotten gains on drugs?  Cavorting with prostitutes and photographing his naked self?

Nobody ruined his reputation.  Hunter Biden did that all on his own.  At that, he was adept.