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The Brief: IRS Whistleblower Exposes Political Influence To Protect Hunter Biden

The Biden family syndicate is alive and well.

Photo by Jonathan Ernst-Pool/Getty Images

Like a rigged card game, it appears that the Hunter Biden criminal investigation has a predetermined outcome with no charges filed thanks to a dishonest Justice Department controlled by his dad and the attorney general who together have managed to “MacGyver” the case.

No wonder Joe Biden paraded his notorious son around recent White House events and invited him on a taxpayer funded sojourn to Ireland.  Joe is openly rubbing his critics’ noses in the success of his protection racket.  There is no other way to explain a criminal probe by the U.S. Attorney in Delaware that has stalled for five long years without a single charge.  This, despite a plethora of incriminating evidence that also implicates the president.

Regardless of whether Biden directly ordered the “fix,” he knows that his accomplices will ensure that Hunter is never indicted for a myriad of greedy crimes involving his multi-million-dollar influence peddling schemes with America’s foreign adversaries.  The DOJ, FBI, and IRS have been running interference in a well-oiled clandestine operation.

That means the Biden family syndicate is alive and well.

Evidence of the obstruction emerged when a supervisory agent at the Internal Revenue Service blew the whistle that federal prosecutors appointed by Biden blocked criminal tax charges against Hunter.  Secretly, the two U.S. Attorneys rejected the charging recommendations of career investigators and prosecutors in the DOJ tax division.  The agent described it as “preferential treatment” that no one but a Biden would receive.

The IRS agent further accuses attorney general Merrick Garland of lying to congress when he testified that Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss has independent authority to bring charges against the president’s son and promised that there would be no political favoritism or interference.  At one point, Weiss requested that he be elevated to “special counsel” status to ensure his autonomy, but it was vetoed by Garland himself.  If true, it seems the AG is determined to suppress damaging evidence against his boss and son, cover up wrongdoing, and halt any criminal charges.

All of this would constitute obstruction of justice, which the criminal code defines as “corruptly” influencing or impeding a legal investigation.  This is precisely what the DOJ has done, according to the revenue agent.  Is anyone really surprised?  In my last column, I remarked that I didn’t believe a word of Garland’s testimony feigning no involvement.  He wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped him upside the head.  He’s a dedicated Biden sycophant who acts as Joe’s personal consigliere.  Think of Tom Hagen in the Godfather.

But Biden has other cronies who are doing his bidding, as well.  Several FBI whistleblowers have fingered top officials at the bureau who seized Hunter’s laptop four years ago and buried it in a vault under lock and key.  They have worked sedulously to deter the Weiss probe in Delaware.

Almost immediately after the device was archived in no man’s land, the FBI began pressuring and directing social media companies like Twitter to kill any story about the laptop to ensure Biden’s election in the 2020 presidential contest.  It was government censorship by proxy, which shreds the First Amendment.  But the FBI malefactors didn’t act alone.

Newly revealed evidence shows that Biden campaign operatives, including the current Secretary of State, Tony Blinken, “triggered” the idea of peddling a phony letter claiming that the laptop story was Russian disinformation.  Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan claims that former acting CIA director, Mike Morell, admitted under oath that he organized the infamous tale at the suggestion of Blinken, who was working for the Biden campaign.  Morell conceded that it was done for the sole purpose of unduly influencing the election in Joe’s favor.  Morell easily found 50 other unscrupulous ex-intel officials who eagerly affixed their names to the con.

In other words, the pivotal letter wasn’t based at all on reasoned intelligence.  It was a devious political operation and one of the dirtiest tricks in American politics.  Naturally, the Trump-hating media embraced it and summarily dismissed the laptop story as a fraudulent smear.  In reality, it was exactly the opposite.  Biden, aided and abetted by incompetent journalists, snookered everyone.  In his final presidential debate, Joe cited it as incontrovertible proof of his son’s innocence.  Morell says he received a phone call from the head of the Biden campaign congratulating him on a job well done.

The disinformation lie bought enough votes to put a doddering old fool in the Oval Office.  Polling data shows that Biden would not have won the presidency if voters had known the truth.  Chairman Jordan said the fabricated letter “prevented American citizens from making a fully informed decision during the 2020 presidential election.”  The principles of democracy were subverted.

But to Biden and his confederates, it was a magnificent coup.  Blinken was rewarded with the prestigious job of America’s top diplomat.  Morell lost out in his quest to be named CIA Director.  Maybe that explains why he belatedly came clean.  His confession is corroborated by the sworn testimony of one of his cohorts, Nick Shapiro, an Obama comrade who helped concoct the fiction and disseminate the letter.

Of course, the FBI knew that the intel letter was bogus.  The agency had the laptop hard drive in its possession for eleven months before the election.  Its authenticity was verified, and its contents were legitimate.  It contained a trove of incriminating evidence against both Hunter and Joe Biden.  Yet, when the Morell letter was published, the FBI remained silent while knowing full well it was a complete fiction that would help elect Biden and defeat Trump.  That was their objective, too.

This is the second time that Democrats and their allies in government have used their positions of power to poison an election with lies.  In an effort to rig the 2016 presidential contest, the Clinton Campaign colluded with the FBI to falsely accused her opponent, Donald Trump, of being a Russian agent.  In 2020, the Biden Campaign colluded with 51 ex-intelligence officials to coverup the family’s self-enrichment schemes with foreign actors.

Credit is due to the House Oversight Committee that is unraveling the mountains of damning evidence involving the so-called “the Biden crime family.”  Law professor Jonathan Turley observed that the Bidens are the G.O.A.T. in “what could be one of the largest influence peddling efforts in history.”  The Bidens are estimated to have bagged more than $100 million in their elaborate international schemes.

Newly obtained banking records show that a total of nine —yes, nine— Biden family members were raking in truckloads of cash.  It is reflected in bank transactions, wire transfers, and some 150 Suspicious Activity Reports that financial institutions flagged to the criminal division at the Treasury Department.  Biden saw to it that those reports were sequestered.  But the committee brought pressure to bear, and Treasury was eventually forced to cough them up when Republicans regained control of the House.

As investigators comb the smoking gun documents, more evidence of Biden family graft and malfeasance will surely be exposed.  In the meantime, Garland and others have some serious explaining to do.

Already, inspectors general at both the DOJ and Treasury are undertaking an intensive review of the IRS whistleblower’s account of obstruction in the Hunter Biden case.  Importantly, U.S. Attorney David Weiss should also exhibit the courage to come forward and shed light on why his criminal investigation has lagged for an unheard of 5 years.  If his efforts have been tampered with and obstructed, he has an affirmative duty to unmask the truth.

The greatest peril to democracy today is not a foreign force, but the abuse of power from within.  Those who operate under color of authority are prone to exploit it for political reasons.  Joe Biden and his dedicated team of ruthless acolytes are a case study in government corruption.