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The Brief: Joe Biden Had 5,400 Alias Emails: Move Toward Impeachment Accelerates

Gregg is joined by John Solomon, Editor in Chief of Just the News, who has been instrumental in uncovering the Biden corruption story.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

In Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo Baggins uses the alias “Underhill” to avoid the pursuing Black Riders when visiting the Inn of The Prancing Pony.  The ruse works, but only for awhile.

And so it is with Joe Biden.  As Vice President, he liberally employed aliases and fake accounts to disguise communications he didn’t want others to discover.  But like Frodo, Joe has been found out.

Under the persistence of a lawsuit, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was forced to admit that Biden used the pseudonyms of Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters, and JRB Ware in some 5,400 emails that he used to forward government information and to discuss business with his son, Hunter Biden, and others.

The sheer number of alias accounts is truly staggering.  But the contents could prove highly incriminating in the burgeoning influence peddling scandal that threatens to derail Biden’s presidency with a looming impeachment inquiry.  It is known that Hunter was copied on many of his father’s secretive emails that dealt with Ukraine, the country from which his son was raking in millions of dollars.  That is likely why NARA has spent more than two years doing everything it can to conceal Joe’s secret records.

Despite the obstruction, the House Oversight Committee, which has uncovered damning evidence of Biden family bribery schemes involving Hunter’s overseas partners who funneled tens of millions of dollars to accounts he controlled, is now demanding that the agency cough up the unreacted documents.  So is the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) that launched the original lawsuit and has been relentless in pursuing the matter in court on behalf of the news organization, Just the News.

“All too often, public officials abuse their power by using it for their personal or political benefit.  When they do, many seek to hide it.  The only way to preserve governmental integrity is for NARA to release Biden’s nearly 5,400 emails to SLF and thus the public.  The American public deserves to know what is in them,” said the foundation’s general counsel in a statement.

If, as suspected, Joe Biden covertly forwarded privileged or sensitive government information to his son who then promptly shared it with American adversaries for financial profit, the calls for Biden’s impeachment would grow even stronger.  Already, a formal impeachment inquiry by the House of Representatives or, in the alternative, a select committee, seems inevitable.  There is more than enough evidence to justify it.

The infamous Burisma scam falls squarely under the federal bribery statute (18 USC 201), which prohibits a public office holder from exploiting his position to confer a benefit in exchange for money.  Such enrichment schemes are also a felonious violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act whenever it involves foreign nationals, as here.

Newly revealed documents corroborate Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin’s recent on camera statements that Joe and Hunter Biden were knee deep in bribery and engineered his firing to end the chief prosecutor’s escalating investigation of Burisma, which was paying Hunter an exorbitant sum of $1 million a year.

In the later part of 2015, Shokin was in the process of seizing the assets of Burisma’s CEO.  The prosecutor was also poised to shutdown the natural gas company for rampant corruption.  So, Burisma pressured Hunter to pressure his father to get rid of Shokin.  Documents and Hunter partner, Devon Archer, confirm it.  They also incriminate Joe Biden as directly complicit in his son’s suspected graft.

After receiving an email urging Hunter to use his influence to get rid of the Burisma probe, the then-Vice President’s son flew to Dubai where he met personally with CEO Mykola Zlochevsky who demanded that he get his dad on the phone, which he did.  A couple of days later, Joe Biden flew to Kyiv and demanded the firing of Shokin or else the U.S. would withhold $1 billion in American taxpayer aid, even though the Obama administration had already approved the aid package.  In other words, Biden brazenly defied U.S. policy.

His extortion gambit worked.  When Shokin was canned, the probe suddenly vanished overnight and the truckloads of cash continued to flow to Hunter.  Naturally, the senior Biden was so pleased with his machinations that he later bragged about it on camera.  Joe’s arrogance (and stupidity) exposed his own pivotal role in the pay-to-play grift that almost surely constitutes bribery under the criminal codes.  It was a classic quid pro quo and the definition of corrupt acts.

Despite what the clueless media routinely claims, it does not matter whether Joe ever received a penny of payola.  Under the law, if the money goes to “another person or entity” other than the office holder, it is still bribery.  Moreover, you’ll recall that “Treason, Bribery, or high Crimes and Misdemeanors” are impeachable offenses under the Constitution.

Factor in the selling of Biden access and influence to China, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Romania in exchange for tens of millions of dollars channeled to Biden shell companies… and you’ve got the biggest bribery scandal in U.S. history.

So, impeachment?  Absolutely.