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The Brief: Liberal Professors Urge Biden to Defy the Supreme Court and Demolish The Constitution

Leave it to the usual pinheaded professors on college campuses to try to demolish democracy.  The Constitution is their latest punching bag.  They are demanding that Joe Biden defy the U.S. Supreme Court and set himself up as America’s Grand Poobah who decides all matters relevant to the public good.  Which is really the good of the progressive idiocy.

All of this was predictable, of course, after the Justices struck down Affirmative Action as a blatant violation of the Fourteenth Amendment’s equal protection clause.  And after the high court upheld the First Amendment rights of a graphic designer who was forced to express views with which she disagreed.  And after the Justices scuttled Biden’s half a billion-dollar loan forgiveness vote-buying scheme as a lawless usurpation of congressional power under the Constitution.

Every one of these decisions was constitutionally sound, mind you.

That’s exactly why Harvard law professors Mark Tushnet and San Francisco State University political scientist Aaron Belkin sent an “open letter” to Biden urging him to ignore those rulings by “MAGA justices” and do whatever he wants.  Their argument makes as much sense as a porcelain hammer.

Typical of today’s Ivory Tower muttonheads, the two professors theorize that Biden is entitled to reject rulings he doesn’t like because the court “does not exercise exclusive authority over constitutional meaning.”  What?  Seriously?

I suspect the professors never quite digested the contents of that remarkable document written by our Founders.  To ensure a separation of powers, the Constitution established three branches of government whereby Congress makes laws, the President enforces the laws, and the Supreme Court interprets the laws.

Whenever laws violate the rights of citizens guaranteed by the Constitution’s Bill of Rights and other Amendments, it is the exclusive duty of the Supreme Court to nullify those laws.  The President has no authority in the matter.  He cannot declare himself above the Constitution and act as a tyrannical dictator.

George Washington law professor Jonathan Turley correctly assessed the professors’ twisted mentality this way:  “They are calling for Biden to declare himself the final arbiter of what the Constitution means and to exercise unilateral executive power without congressional approval.  He is to become a government unto himself.”

I pity the students who pay exorbitant tuitions to sit in classrooms, only to listen to twaddle from the likes of Tushnet and Belkin.  Forsaking their duty as honest educators, they permit their own partisan agenda to warp young minds who may not know any better.  That’s not higher education, it’s lower education.  Forrest Gump had more sense in that noggin of his.

Those students deserve a full refund.