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The Brief Podcast: Biden’s Lies and Race-Baiting Rants Over Georgia Voting Law

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s rise in American politics has always been stupefying –much like the man himself.  Famous for his lack of intellectual heft and mindless gaffes, Biden is one of those curious individuals who has managed to fail upwards.  So much so, he became President of the United States.  Biden proves the argument once made by the late Columbia University professor Walter Pitkin who wrote, “Most of the power in politics resides in the hands of more or less stupid people.”

There are exceptions, of course.  Biden is not one of them.  But now he has crossed the threshold from clueless to mendacious.  The demagoguery over Georgia’s new voting law is fueled by Biden’s shameless lies and race-baiting rants.  His deceit seems calculated and not simply the product of a feeble mind or chronic buffoonery.  By falsely invoking the ugly specter of “Jim Crow,” Biden is determined to further divide the nation.

The damage is incalculable.  Barack Obama was right when he reportedly warned, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up.”