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The Brief Podcast: Biden’s Secret Email To Aid Hunter’s Business

Hunter Biden
Joe and Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden’s laptop is a treasure trove of incriminating information.

It is filled with evidence of his illicit schemes to profit off his famous father’s position of power in government by selling access and influence to foreign businesses.  It also implicates Joe Biden (aka “The Big Guy”) as a financial beneficiary.

But Hunter’s laptop also reveals that Joe Biden is guilty of doing exactly what Hillary Clinton did when she was secretary of state –using an unsecured personal email account to send protected government information to his son.

Clinton should have been prosecuted for a myriad of felonies in 2016 for the mishandling of classified documents and information.  But she escaped criminal charges thanks to the handiwork of then-FBI Director James Comey who was determined to protect Clinton as he simultaneously launched his phony collusion case against Donald Trump that became known infamously as “The Russia Hoax.”

It turns out that when Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president, he was passing along government information on a private email account to Hunter Biden in violation of federal regulations reminiscent of Hillary’s email scandal.   The Obama administration found out about it but kept the matter under wraps –until now.

In Gregg’s latest podcast, he talks with John Solomon of Just the News who discovered the Biden emails contained on Hunter’s laptop that was seized by the FBI.  You can listen to the entire episode above.