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The Brief Podcast: Democrats Are The New Patron Saint of Lost Causes

With Democrats in control of Congress, their first order of business is the Politics Of Revenge: impeaching a president who’s no longer president.  Insane, right?  But mostly, it’s petty and small and a waste of time.  But that’s the only skill set of people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.  Neither one of them have ever held a real job.  Ever.  You think I’m kidding?  Google it.  Look at their resumes.

All their adult lives they’ve lived off the public trough, pretending to be important and cultivating power.  They’re obsessed with Power.  It’s an addiction, really.  Shrinks will tell you all about it —a poisonous personality disorder marked by an uncommon level of ruthlessness.   And “power-trippers” always have a scapegoat…someone they vilify and try to destroy.  That’s their ultimate satisfaction.  It somehow compensates for their own deep-seated lack of self-worth.

It doesn’t matter to Pelosi & Schumer that their impeachment fantasy will never result in a conviction of Trump or that it’s an assault on the Constitution.  That’s not the point.  To them, that’s irrelevant.  When it comes to the Politics Of Revenge, there’s only one goal: exercising sheer power to achieve a vindictive end.