The Brief Podcast: Democrats Claim Going To Court Is A Threat To Democracy

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Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Joe Biden should welcome legal challenges to the recent 2020 election.  If he wants to be viewed as a legitimate president, he has to convince half of America that he won fair and square.  Otherwise, he’ll be branded as an “illegitimate president” and it will cripple his ability to govern.  There are serious and valid questions raised about not just voting irregularities, but fraud.  Ballots must be checked to ensure that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is discounted.  Beyond this, the voting systems themselves must be rigorously examined.  Why did some 30 states use voting machines and software from a Venezuelan company that has a record of rigging an election in that country?  Was the software corrupted in the U.S. election?  Americans deserve answers.  Biden should demand it.  If he doesn’t, millions of voters will always wonder if this election was stolen.