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The Brief Podcast: Gov. Cuomo’s Sexual Harassment Scandal Is His Political Obituary

Governor Cuomo
Governor Cuomo

“Randy Andy” Cuomo is finished. He just doesn’t know it yet. Like a sailor who’s desperately trying to weather a hurricane-force storm, his boat is destined to sink to the bottom. There is no lifejacket and no chance of survival. Still, he clings to the arrogant belief that he is invincible while denying that his foolishness is to blame for his predicament.

And so it is with the governor of New York —a supremely pompous and pretentious man who’s own churlish behavior has sealed his demise.  His career in politics is over thanks to twin scandals of his own making.  He lied about the thousands of nursing home deaths he caused.  And his despicable response to allegations of sexual harassment is to blame the victims —it’s their fault.  It won’t work.  No one in Albany wants to have anything to do with Cuomo

When the rats abandon ship, all is lost.  And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy than “Randy Andy.”