The Brief Podcast: How Andrew Cuomo’s Arrogance Killed Thousands

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Media Briefing

Andrew Cuomo is the most hated man in New York.  It’s a title he richly deserves.  While reigning from on high as the imperious governor, he killed thousands of elderly people with his reckless and insane order that Covid-infected patients be marched into nursing homes.  Then he repeatedly lied about it, offering lame excuses and shifting the blame.

He covered-up the death toll, falsified data, and worked sedulously to hide the truth of what he’d done.  With help from the suck-up liberal media, Cuomo pranced and preened for months in front of television cameras, pretending to be the greatest crisis manager of all time.  He wrote a nauseating book bragging about himself.  Naturally, the idiots in Hollywood gave him an Emmy.

Clueless Joe Biden canonized him as the “gold standard” for pandemic leadership.  As thousands were dying, the governor yukked it up with his little brother Chris Cuomo on CNN in an endless stream of obnoxious comedy routines.  But the sad truth is that Andrew Cuomo is a charlatan.  He is an arrogant fraud who appears to have committed fraud.  And obstruction of justice.