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The Brief Podcast: Joe Biden, Divider-In-Chief

Joe Biden
Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

Joe Biden took a wistful trip down memory lane the other night waxing poetically about the events of last summer.  He praised it as “The summer of protest that unified people of every race and generation in peace.”  In Biden’s fanciful version, it was all a dreamy “summer of love” like the days of ‘60s yore and “flower power.”  Maybe Joe was having an acid flashback with psychedelic music ringing in his ears.  Peace and love, baby!

Forget that BLM-led protesters trashed American cities with violence and destruction in a summer of rage that cost $2 billion in property damage.  Biden didn’t mention the riots.  Slipped his mind, such as it is.  He didn’t recall how thousands of businesses were vandalized, looted, or set ablaze.  Amnesia is politically convenient, ain’t it?  Never mind the police officers who were shot.  Or innocent people who were beaten and killed.  Naw, Biden assured us that the “legacy” of George Floyd was “one of peace, not violence.”  I’m surprised the president didn’t just sign an executive order erasing history.  Maybe he did and I missed it while I was listening to The Grateful Dead.

The guilty verdicts in the trial of Derek Chauvin could have been a moment of unity —an example of equal justice under law.  But Biden, who vowed during his inauguration to be a unifying force, decided to gin up the division and incite hatred.  He condemned Americans —all Americans, it seemed— as racists.  He pronounced “systemic racism” as “a stain on our nation’s soul.”  So there you have it.  You’re guilty.  Biden said so.