1. Comey is the incompetent big gun . He belongs in jail.

  2. I think y our are wrong. Comey can’t zip up his fly without direction from “higher.” My bet is that Comery’s “master” is none other than 0bama! Both Comey AND 0bama belong in jail, but it sure doesn’t look like they will ever be charged.

  3. you are correct . But the cowardly VIP’s that call the shots in this world are afraid of half of Obama’s pigmentation. Black . John Kerry should be hung for treason also . Back to Comey, Clapper and Brennan. They were in a position to defy unconstitutional orders. They would have been fired. Obama fired alot of Generals ,but he couldn’t put them in jail. Those 3 should be jailed . The Clinton and Biden crime families should find their way to prison also .

  4. And the extension of that hoax is still going on in liberal media. The willing liberal media is fed lies, propaganda and fictitious leaks all to keep clueless imbeciles misinformed, uninformed, and not informed so they’ll vote for Biden and theirs, their family’s and their country’s demise.

  5. Obama was definitely in on it. The thing the democrats do well if you notice is they all come together well in their attacks on Trump and republicans. Examples are impeachment and opposing Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barret. So if one democrat was part of the russian hoax they all were.

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