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The Brief Podcast: Time To Cancel The “Woke” Mob Before They Cancel You

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You are hereby warned: the Woke Mob is coming for you.  They’re aided and abetted by the powerful “cancel culture” that seeks to eliminate free speech, repress dissent, and silence anyone who dares to disagree with their progressive orthodoxy.  Civil liberties?  Forget about it.  That’s a quaint artifact of bygone principles of liberty.

Censorship is the new rage.  If you complain or resist, you’ll be targeted with a vengeance.  The woke crowd will demand that you be fired and branded with a Scarlet Letter.  They want you punished as permanently unemployed —blacklisted in perpetuity.  If they get their way, they’ll dictate the way you think, command your every belief, and mandate what you can read or watchThey seek total dominion over your actions and the power to control all aspects of your life.

Big Tech, Democrats, and the liberal media are all on board.  In fact, they’re leading the charge.  If we’re not careful, they’ll prevail.  You’ll be silenced.  Once that happens, your voice will be gone —perhaps forever.