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The Brief: The Media’s Lies About Hunter’s Laptop Helped Elect Joe Biden

with guest John Solomon, founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief of Just The News


Today’s media mob operates much like organized crime.

In the 2020 presidential election, they ran a candidate protection racket…threatening to dispose of anyone who dared to print or repeat the mounting truth about the Biden Crime Family.

And the media succeeded.  Joe Biden was elected in no small part because journalists and their Big Tech conspirators actively suppressed incriminating evidence of corrupt influence-peddling found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.  Then, the press conjured up a false narrative to cover for Joe.

Never mind that documents, emails, and corroborating statements from a key player directly implicated Joe Biden.  Or that credible third parties easily proved the provenance of the laptop and authenticated its contents.

In unison, the media declared that it was all a hoax —the métier of “Russian disinformation.”  It wasn’t.

Now that Biden is president, The New York Times, which acted as the Godfather of the protection racket, has suddenly experienced an epiphany.  The laptop is real, and the damning evidence is legitimate, the newspaper declared some 17 months too late.

It was clear from the beginning that the infamous laptop was never “Russian disinformation.”  The mainstream media, including the Times, knew it.   But they chose to deliberately lie to the American people to secure Joe Biden’s election.

Members of media are so shamelessly biased that they were willing to engage in corrupt practices themselves to expunge evidence of corruption by the candidate they favored.

That’s not journalism.  It’s reporter fraud.

And these purveyors of fake news likely altered the outcome of the presidential election.

It began in October of 2020 when the New York Post broke the story of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.  It was obviously genuine for several reasons.

Hunter never denied that it was his, and neither did Joe.  The emails, text messages, and business records contained therein were authenticated by his cronies who sent and received them.

Moreover, the laptop had been seized by the FBI as reliable evidence in its criminal investigation of Hunter Biden.  His business partner, Tony Bobulinski, affirmed the veracity of the communications, as did others.  Fox News also confirmed it as true and accurate.

Yet, the media persisted in its contemptible charade —blaming it all on Russia— to cover-up for Joe and Hunter Biden.  Reporters, anchors, commentators took to the airwaves to declare that the story was “Russian disinformation.”  Newspapers followed suit.  There was not a shred of proof.  But that didn’t matter.  What mattered was protecting Biden.

The mainstream media’s refusal to report on the Post story honestly was not only immoral, but it constituted disgraceful media malpractice.

Journalists at the major networks and leading newspapers refused to even question Biden, the presidential candidate.  They declined to cover the subject at all.

When Bobulinski was interviewed on Fox News before the election, nearly 8 million Americans watched.  But not a word was written about it in The New York Times or The Washington Post.  On MSNBC and CNN there was nothing but crickets.

When the New York Post broke the story of the laptop and its incriminating documents, Facebook and Twitter —the biggest social media monopolies in Silicon Valley— literally censored the story.  Articles vanished and accounts were disabled.  With computerized brute force they blocked or minimized its circulation in a desperate effort to protect Joe Biden.

The disreputable NPR voiced only contempt for the story by stating publicly, “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distraction.”

Six months after the election, and once Joe Biden was safely in the White House, NPR issued a correction admitting that they were wrong.  But the damage was done.

Voters had a right to know who they were voting for.  They had a right to know whether the Democrat candidate for the highest office was willing to sell out his country for the right price.  The media rushed to exonerate Biden without ever bothering to even examine the evidence or facts.

The laptop revealed damaging evidence that Hunter Biden was selling access to his father, then the Vice President, with the promise that American policy could be altered in a way that would help foreign governments and/or companies that were paying Hunter Biden millions of dollars.  Were payments made to the Bidens at the expense of American interests?

At the time, Joe Biden was helping to shape and dictate foreign policy decisions in the Obama administration while his son was cashing in.  Sources in Ukraine, Russia, Khazikstan, Romania, Oman, Luxembourg, and China were all depositing money into Hunter’s bank account in exchange for promised benefits.

Given Hunter’s exceptional talent as a con-artist and grifter, there may be others that have not yet been uncovered.  There is no doubt that he was adept at fattening his wallet with foreign cash by selling access to his powerful dad.  That’s exactly the kind of thing that predatory hustlers do.  They are brash and greedy.  They also excel at lies and cover-ups.

The Times is now belatedly acknowledging what we already knew —the laptop does, indeed, belong to Hunter Biden and its contents are authentic.  The newspaper also grudgingly repeats what a few others had long ago reported.  That is, a grand jury in Delaware is examining a trove of documents and hearing testimony from numerous witnesses in its criminal investigation.

Potential charges may include violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act involving influence-peddling.  Other crimes are being considered such as money-laundering, tax fraud, perhaps racketeering, and willful evasion of the requirement to register as a foreign agent under FARA laws.

You would think that an incendiary report about corruption associated with the president and published by one of the nation’s leading newspapers would prompt other news organizations to take notice.

But you’re wrong.  ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC have all ignored it.  Why?  Because the president is Joe Biden…and the wretched media is still knee-deep in the protection racket.

Their collective silence is confounding because the evidence on the laptop, as well as the testimony of Bobulinski and others connected to Hunter’s overseas dealings, indicate that the father was complicit in his son’s nefarious enterprises.

It’s a crime to misuse a public office for financial profit.  It appears that the Bidens may have pocketed millions doing it.

If the grand jury criminally indicts Hunter Biden, his father the President of the United States may well be implicated.

Joe Biden has repeatedly dismissed it all as “garbage,” insisting that he never spoke with his son about his sleazy business dealings and knew nothing about them.  That’s utterly preposterous.  The evidence proves otherwise.  The laptop establishes that Joe met with Hunter’s business partners.  Photographs confirm it.

One smoking-gun email lays out payments in a secret Chinese venture worth billions of dollars.  Hunter was set to receive 20%, with another “10 held by H for the big guy.”  The lucrative scheme had to be concealed.  Thus, the cryptic references to payouts.

The plan was for Hunter to hold his father’s shares to keep Joe’s name off the books.  That allowed him to deny any involvement.  But Bobulinski is on record stating that Joe Biden is the “big guy” and a key participant.  He met with the elder Biden twice to talk about it.  The voluminous records he kept corroborate it.

Joe has asserted that his son never made a dime from the Chinese.  That’s an absurd lie.

In all, Hunter raked in some $31 million in five Chinese deals.  The evidence is laid out in meticulous detail by Peter Schweizer of the Government Accountability Institute who did a deep dive into the China-Biden payola.  Each deal was brokered by people with direct ties to the Communist Party spy apparatus.

And here’s the kicker —some of the $31 million made its way into Joe Biden’s pockets.  The Biden family enriched itself from a dangerous American adversary, placing national security in jeopardy.

What did the Chinese expect to get in exchange?  A pliable U.S. president who would be soft on the government in Beijing.

Hunter’s lawyer claims that his client has since divested his stake in the investment fund controlled by the Chinese government.  But there is no evidence that he actually did.  Both the White House and Hunter’s attorney have failed or refused to offer any proof.

Joe Biden also met over dinner with the richest woman in Moscow, Yelena Baturina, who funneled $3.5 million to Hunter.  Her ties to Putin are well known.  You’ll find some of those details in a stunning 87-page U.S. Senate report that is chock-full of incriminating evidence of Biden corruption.

Neither of the Bidens have ever disclosed what the money was for or why Joe convened a clandestine meeting with the Russian billionaire in Georgetown.  But it’s curious that Baturina’s name was somehow left off of Biden’s sanctions list of oligarchs in response to the recent invasion of Ukraine.  I wonder why?

Then, there is the notorious Ukrainian scam that netted the prodigal son millions of dollars.  He was paid $85,000 a month by Burisma, a natural gas company.  At the same time, Joe Biden was exploiting his power as vice president by pushing Ukraine to vastly increase its gas production.

Hunter had zero experience, no discernible qualifications, and spoke not a word of the language.  When Burisma found itself under investigation for corruption, Joe Biden threatened to withhold a billion dollars in U.S. taxpayer money unless the lead prosecutor in the case was fired.  Sure enough, he was.  The probe magically vanished.  Mission accomplished.

The $4 million Burisma hustle constitutes compelling evidence that Joe Biden used the authority of his high office and taxpayer money to take action that benefited a foreign company that was paying millions of dollars to his son.

Is that a crime?  Absolutely.  It’s a felony for a public official to confer a benefit to a foreign government (a billion dollars in financial assistance, for example) in exchange for something of value to himself or a relative.  Anyone (like Hunter) who aids or abets would be guilty of being an accessory, not to mention conspiracy.

Joe Biden generally avoids the press like the plague.  His chief flack, Jen Psaki, is left to cleanup for her boss.  But when the Times came out with its recent confessional, she predictably stonewalled by saying, “I’d point you to the Department of Justice and also to Hunter Biden’s representatives.  He doesn’t work for the government.”

It was a blatant dodge since Hunter Biden’s status as a private citizen did not prevent Psaki from repeating the “Russian disinformation” lie a few months ago in September.   Speaking from the White House press podium and referring to the laptop story she said, “I think it’s broadly known and widely known that there was a broad range of Russian disinformation back in 2020.”  Right.

Blaming the Russians was Joe Biden’s phony alibi when the story first broke in October of 2020.  Back then, Psaki tweeted that it was —quote— “Russian disinformation” and cited a trashy Politico story that relied on a letter by more than 50 former intelligence officials who said they suspected that it “Russian disinformation.”

They had no knowledge, mind you and openly admitted it.  They were doing what they usually do: reading tea leaves, gazing into a crystal ball, and communing with spirits in the afterlife.  It was all bunk…and they knew it.

Among the people who authored the letter are John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, and Michael Morell.  Those guys managed to turn the U.S. intelligence community into an oxymoron.  They’re so incompetent they wouldn’t recognize disinformation if they tripped over it.

They hated Trump.  So, they were more than willing to shill for Biden, even if that meant embroidering the truth and deceiving the American people.

As intended, their letter was a gift to Joe…all wrapped up with a pretty bow.  It allowed him to hide behind their “Russian disinformation” deceit during the presidential debate with Trump when he declared, “There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said that what he’s accused me of is a Russian plant.  Five former heads of the CIA —both parties— say what he’s saying is a bunch of garbage.  Nobody believes it.”

Talk about collusion.  The mainstream media, Big Tech, intel officials, and the Biden campaign all worked in concert to bury a vital story.  They coordinated a disinformation campaign and sought to cancel anyone who pursued the truth.  Compelling evidence of Biden corruption was treated with scorn and quashed.

The media’s willful ignorance was especially reprehensible.  They’d spent three years accusing Trump of colluding with Russia.  He didn’t.  Then, with the election imminent, they protected Biden by pulling out the Russian boogeyman all over again.  Their end —defeating Trump— justified any unscrupulous means.

Did it make a difference in the outcome?  Most likely.

Biden won the presidency narrowly with only 51 percent of the vote.  According to a survey by The Media Research Center, almost 50 percent of Biden voters were completely unaware of the laptop scandal when they cast their ballots.  A full 10 percent have said they would not have voted for Joe had they known.

A 10 percent loss of Biden votes would have been more than enough for Trump to have carried all of the major swing states and win reelection.

So, yes…there is persuasive evidence that the malevolent media threw the election in favor of Joe Biden.

Russia didn’t interfere.  But unprincipled journalists did.