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The Democrats’ Impeachment Witnesses Are Less Trustworthy Than Wikipedia

Since the creation of Wikipedia, schools throughout the nation, and probably the world, have been instruction students not to use Wikipedia as a source for information. This rule was told to students from elementary school through college and beyond.

Now, the Democrats have called in a group of individuals as witnesses in an impeachment case, and the information they can offer is even less trustworthy than a Wikipedia article that cites The Onion as the source for the information.

The witnesses that the Democrats are attempting to use to impeach the President have no first-hand information about the actions taken that the Democrats cite for the grounds for impeachment. Most of the evidence that these witnesses offer are their own feelings and opinions on hearsay information that they heard through office gossip.

If any student cited a research paper, or a class project, based on information from their friend’s friend’s friend, they would fail. What the Democrats are doing is this same exact thing, and they are putting the friend’s friend’s friend’s name in the bibliography, claiming that doing so makes the hearsay information more reliable than direct knowledge or evidence.

A parent of a student who did this would be called into school over the student’s lack of scholarly integrity, yet members of the media are acting as if the information being given is ironclad truth. If teachers from elementary school and beyond would not accept this low of a standard, why should the American people? The American people must demand an end to the tomfoolery that has consumed those we entrust with our country.