Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer sent Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a letter requesting four senior Trump administration witnesses be called to testify in a likely impeachment trial in the Senate in early January.

Yet, as Fox News correctly points out, during Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial in 1999, Schumer, completely dismissed the importance of, and voted against, such witness testimony — suggesting it amounted to “political theater.”


“It seems to me that no good case has been made for witnesses,” Schumer said at a press conference on Jan. 27, 1999.

A week later he argued that there was no reason to call any witnesses, saying: “I wonder if the House managers aren’t a little more interested in political theater than in actually getting to the bottom of the facts.”

In his letter to McConnell, Schumer would ask for subpoenas for acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney; Robert Blair, an adviser to Mulvaney; former National Security Adviser John Bolton; and Michael Duffey, a senior official at the Office of Management and Budget. He wrote that in addition, he would be “open to hearing the testimony of additional witnesses.”

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  1. Hey Schumer, how does it feel to WANT ?

  2. Schumer, you absolute, total ass, where were during the house hearings? Not once did you come out and talk about being fair! You are earning every Disingenuous Award there is available.

  3. Whistle blower is there one I say no

  4. The Senate is under no obligation to comport itself with the demands of the minority party. Additionally, should the House vote for the articles of impeachment and then refuse to transmit those articles to the Senate, every member of the democrat leadership in the House needs to be arrested for obstructing the Senate. Wouldn’t that be something to see.

  5. Reap what you sow Chuck!!!!

  6. Oh now want cooperation from Republicans, good luck with that

  7. I am out raged as a citizen are you voter of this country for the house not allowing due process for any accused situation. For an individual to defend themselves is unconstitutional where they think they’re above the law what is the law if it’s not fairly treated to a defendant or accused individual no matter who they are this government is changing the rules as they go at all which I find out rages as an American citizen ones that live in the glass house or throwing the stones first and they should be investigated as well for wrongdoing the American people that sit back and let this happen and not demanding due process what happens when it happens to them see if they think it’s fair I wouldn’t think so this is our government at the best what a disappointment this is not a jury this is a the lynching of an individual that they hate what a shame there’s no fair process in this country any longer they become all corrupt for their own well-being if you can’t see that you’re blind God bless America

  8. Oh how sad that finally the shoe is on the other foot. They let Schiff run this charade and did nothing to rein him in or should I say his ego. Whatever the Democratic Party receives in 2020 they deserve everything coming. Karma is a bitch and if they didn’t believe this they are in for a surprise come 2020. Pelosi said they have been working 2.5 years on this we heard from Green et al if this fails we will impeach impeach and impeach. They deserve to be voted out and never be allowed to hold any office. The House wouldn’t allow any Republican witnesses in Schiff fiasco. To late to ask now. Go Republicans win big in 2020 and beyond.

  9. Its funny how the democrats want to have another chance to discredit our president. Is it not right for our elected president to investigate countries or people who are benefiting from our tax monies who are corrupt. I say our president Is cleaning up the swamp. Go Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!

  10. Trump is probably one of the best things to happen to america at this time. We need someone like Trump in Nigeria

  11. This so called impeachment was suppose to be about a whistleblower and a phone call to the Ukraine but neither are listed in the two article’s they put in for impeachment. One of the articles should be and will be thrown out immediately. They charged Trump with obstruction of Justice for failing to appear except Trump asserted his presidential executive privilege which he is allowed and can NOT be punish for. There goes one of them the second is for abuse of power but he problem is they have not stated what he did to abuse his power ? The constitutions says to impeach a president he must be found guilty of committing a crime misdemeanor or felony except there is no crime here. They spent hours making up stuff about bribery and one went so far as to say kidnapping this is how truly stupid the democrats got. Then when it came time to actually have the whistle blower testify he didn’t and he was only going to be reporting hear say anyways in some cases their witness were not 2nd party not 3rd party but were giving testimony to 4th hand . This was always a political move to try and hurt Trumps chances of getting re-elected if they can not impeach him on made up charges. This right here should bother every American reading this Schumer, Nadler, Schiff and Nancy Pelosi all said they could not leave the decision up to the America people in 2020 because they will re-elect Trump. This is how far gone they are they said on national television that the American people should NOT be allowed to pick their own president. Try and spin that if a republican had said that they would have been forced to resign even the fake media is bad as it is can’t spin that in their propaganda machine. I thought some of them would have said okay that is just to far. The only thing we have learned is that term limits are needed these people have had power so long they think you work for them. They live like kings and queens Nancy Pelosi last vacation the cost for booze and food on her flight was over $100.00 thousand dollars. The tax payers cost of flying her around for just the last 2 years has cost us over $2 million dollars. Now what do you think it cost us to fly and buy their booze and food for all of them ? In that 2 years congress has passed zero bills they have done NOTHING. Everything that has this economy doing great all Trump and the Republicans. The trade deal that Trump and the republicans have been asking for Nancy to put up for over a year. Finally got approved and the democrats are actually trying to take credit for it even though they did nothing and had zero involvement while Trump went to Mexico and Canada to work out this deal. Prison reform is finally been signed oops that’s all Trump to. While we have been paying these politicians 6 figure pay checks buying their booze and food what have they done for this money ? No seriously I have no answer I was wondering if anyone else did. All I have seen out of the democrats is hate and racism (anti-Semitism) that led to a shooting at a synagogue while the squad was quick to tweet white racist it was actually black Hebrews who follow and support Omar that did the shooting. The head of the DNC Nancy Pelosi is afraid to even condemn the racist remarks coming out of her party. They are the only true damage to this country along with the fake media. Polls taken outside the U.S. from our allies all say the American media is bias and lies imagine that 3rd world country dictators spent god knows how much money trying to ruin the media that was once respected and they did it for free to themselves. VOTE 2020 VOTE OUT EVERY DEMOCRAT Show them they work for us at our pleasure and WE decide who our leader is not them.

  12. It’s to late Chuckles, lying Schiff was not fair, he was a dictator and still has not produced exculpatory evidence from the basement hearings, gee sound like the FBI. Democrats and their coup US cutizens see your corruption.

  13. It’s time for the carpet to get yanked out from under the democrats feet and let the floor slap them on the ass.

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