Proving they live in an alternate universe, The New York Times tweeted out a video of one of their opinion pieces using the “Star Wars” opening scroll. Just like the film that they stole the effect from, the opinion piece is a masterful work of fiction and fantasy.

To portray President Trump, and his supporters, as the forces of evil the piece states, “[f]or three years, Trump and his allies have ushered in the obliteration of moral norms for personal gains.” It continues, “To restore some semblance of order to the universe, Nancy Pelosi has announced an official impeachment inquiry into the presidential abuse of power in pressing a foreign government to investigate his political rival.”


It is apparent that The New York Times failed to read the readily available real transcript, and instead has decided to use Congressman Schiff’s imaginary transcript as their primary source for information. If they had read the real transcript, they would realize that President Trump never pressed “a foreign government to investigate his political rival.”

Their work of fiction does not stop there. They also falsely state that the President “invited a hostile foreign government to hack his political opponent…tried to obstruct an independent investigation… and encouraged his supporters to commit violence against his political opponents.”

Still, the most telling part of this piece of fiction is in the first line, “A long time coming for a White House far, far from reality.” The New York Times has failed to accept reality themselves, and instead have embraced stories that support their denial. Eventually, after many, many therapy sessions, they might be able to stop living in their fictional fantasy world.

House Dems Subpoena Pompeo in Latest Impeachment Push

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  1. Gregg mentioned a 20 year old law on the Hannity show last night in which it requires leaders of countries to press for corruption investigations – or something like that. The comment happened fast and Hannity moved on to someone else. Did anyone catch what the law was that he was referring to? BTW, love Gregg Jarrett

  2. The ongoing felonious treasonous coverup/pay-to-play/coup attempt continues unabated. Will AG Barr do his job and put an end to it or let the devil’s minions continue and subsequently join Sessions in shame?

  3. The NYT is losing all its credibility. They seem to be totally owned by the leftist Democrat party. Shame. It USED to be a decent paper. But Trump will prevail. He has gone through worse. His presidency is being tried with fire and brimstone and he will walk out unsinged but the Democrats will be badly burned.

  4. This surprises me not . The NY – whatever you want to call it paper is a biased rag not fit to line a parrot’s cage…let alone “read”. The witch hunt continues , the deep state D卐M☭CRAT apparatchiks are in desperation mode. They work this fake news up for months and when one pile o crap does not stick they fling their next concoction up on the wall hoping it will stick. When will these socialist utopian fools wake up and realize this is AMERICA not some third world country they are trying to take over.

  5. Have no fear. I was just on the NYT twitter account and read some of the tweets directed at the NYT. Maybe one reply was positive towards them but the rest were absolutely calling them out for their disgusting ad, some even canceling their subscription immediately.

  6. The nyt is a rag! TRUMP 2020!

  7. Clearly, they have forgotten the exploits of their God King B. Hussein Obama. His god-like powers to usurp the US Constitution were TOTALLY supported by the NYT and the rest of the MSM.

  8. Good job Gregg. The left is in Fantasyland, don’t know it, blinded by hate. It’s what happens when everything a person thinks he knows turns out to have been wrong. For example, they actually believe that our chief law enforcement officer is breaking the law meddling in our 2020 election for asking the Ukrainian cheif law enforcement officer for assistance in investigating a criminal suspect because that suspect is running for office against Trump. Never mind the 1999 treaty allows exactly that and that investigation of crime is the chief executive’s core Article 2 Constitutional responsibility. Maybe Hillary should run, deputizing Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Mueller, Weismann, Rosenstein, Yates, Boente, Wray, Brennan, Clapper, Rice, Lynch, Bill and Obama as campaign associates. That way, if I understand the new Democrat-specific law, they’ll be just like Biden, immune from investigation and prosecution because they’re all campaign rivals to Trump. That way she and her cabal could avoid investigation an prosecution.

  9. We need do what ever it take’s i have one CIB two OK

  10. You have to admire the staff of the New York Times. Now that the publication has changed it’s business model from making money by people paying for NEWS to the more profitable model of Comedy Central (a logical move since most of their former … well potential readers… get their news from that Cable Channel, they are free to use their creative abilities, unrestrained by facts. Just like the writers for Marvel comics or the National Enquirer..

  11. The New York what?

    Who reads that anymore?

  12. The NYT jumped the shark long ago – they don’t call it the New York Slimes for nothing.

  13. The NYT jumped the shark long ago – they don’t call it the New York Slimes for no reason.

  14. Greg hits the proverbial nail on the head. Pelosi know claims it doesn’t matter of they lose the house over impeachment, these people are totally insane.

  15. Hi Cindy, it’s called “Ukraine (12978) – Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters.”   Below is the link.  It requires Ukraine to assist the U.S. “with the investigation, prosecution… in proceedings related to criminal matters” by providing statements, testimony, documents, records and other information upon request by the U.S.    This treaty is still in effect.  — Gregg


  16. The truth, they are all Democrats or what i call Jim Crow Law Lovers (substitute unborns {most of which are black} for Black Americans) Socialist Gloablists. They can’t understand what God’s true intent for this country because most if not all have no, NO personal relationship with Jesus.

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