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The New York Times Trump Impeachment Fantasy

NY Times

Proving they live in an alternate universe, The New York Times tweeted out a video of one of their opinion pieces using the “Star Wars” opening scroll. Just like the film that they stole the effect from, the opinion piece is a masterful work of fiction and fantasy.

To portray President Trump, and his supporters, as the forces of evil the piece states, “[f]or three years, Trump and his allies have ushered in the obliteration of moral norms for personal gains.” It continues, “To restore some semblance of order to the universe, Nancy Pelosi has announced an official impeachment inquiry into the presidential abuse of power in pressing a foreign government to investigate his political rival.”

It is apparent that The New York Times failed to read the readily available real transcript, and instead has decided to use Congressman Schiff’s imaginary transcript as their primary source for information. If they had read the real transcript, they would realize that President Trump never pressed “a foreign government to investigate his political rival.”

Their work of fiction does not stop there. They also falsely state that the President “invited a hostile foreign government to hack his political opponent…tried to obstruct an independent investigation… and encouraged his supporters to commit violence against his political opponents.”

Still, the most telling part of this piece of fiction is in the first line, “A long time coming for a White House far, far from reality.” The New York Times has failed to accept reality themselves, and instead have embraced stories that support their denial. Eventually, after many, many therapy sessions, they might be able to stop living in their fictional fantasy world.