The NY Times Is A Cult Obsessed With Trashing Trump

While the hoax has ended, the Trump obsessed cult at the New York Times endures


My colleague at Fox News, Sean Hannity, is right.  Reporters at the New York Times became obsessed with Donald Trump.  They still are, even though he left office five months ago.

Their extreme hatred of Trump coupled with their liberal bias blinded them to basic standards of fairness, objectivity, and accuracy.  Then, when the Times was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for getting the Russian “collusion” story magnificently wrong, that accolade only fueled their deranged obsession.  When you reward bad behavior…you only get more of it.  More lies and more smears.

Reporter Maggie Haberman led the charge.  And she still can’t let go, even though the Times announced months ago that she’d transition away from writing about Trump.  Therapy might help.  But the entire newsroom needs to be deprogrammed. They’re like a religious cult –maniacal.  And they recruit mindless toadies like Ben Smith.

Smith was the editor at BuzzFeed that published the infamous “dossier.”  He didn’t bother to verify or corroborate any of it.  If he had, he would have learned that it was a collection of fabrications conjured up by two phonies, the bumbling Christopher Steele and the sleazy Glenn Simpson.  Not surprisingly, the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democrats paid it for.

Anyone with half a brain knew that it was garbage.  The stench was overwhelming.  The first time I read the “dossier” I laughed out loud.  It was obviously bogus.  But reporters were so gullible and stupid that they eagerly bought into it.  Smith committed media malpractice of the worst kind.  For his incompetence, he was rewarded with a job at the NY Times.  Welcome to the cult!

I’ll give a slight tip of the hat to former Times reporter Barry Meier.  He broke away from the cult and recently called the collusion hoax a “media clusterf***of epic proportions.”  Meier’s remonstration is four years too late.

The New York Times owes its readers a sincere apology.  The arrogant reporters who peddled their endless false stories should be sacked in disgrace.  They were played for the fools that they are –useful idiots.

In my book Witch Hunt, I chronicle all the stories that the Times and other news outlets got wrong.  It’s a long chapter.  The truly scary part is that they’d do it all over again.  They don’t care about truth or honesty or scrupulous reporting.  They only care about vilifying the Demon Trump.

Sadly, the media will never apologize.  They were wrong about the “dossier”; wrong about their “collusion” narrative; wrong about FISA abuse; and wrong about what Bob Mueller would ultimately find –no “collusion” conspiracy.  It was all a pernicious lie, the greatest mass delusion in American political history.

While the hoax has ended, the Trump-obsessed cult at the New York Times endures.