The True Extent of the Rot of the Deep State with Sebastian Gorka

Gregg Jarrett

In an extensive discussion on “America First with Sebastian Gorka”, Fox News Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett provided extensive analysis on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, followed by a deep-dive into the Durham indictments and the entire Russia Hoax.

Examination of the Rittenhouse trial began with a clip of the emotional testimony of Kyle Rittenhouse. The distraught teenager is unable to conduct a sentence as he is on the stand. “Footage that is still very very hard to watch” Gorka begins.

Gorka explains Kyle was 17-years-old when “he defended himself against a serial rapist and also a wife-beater who were bearing down on him and a third man who held a Glock to his head.” Gorka asks Jarrett is the trial “par for the course?” and to give his expert opinion on “what we are seeing.”

Court rooms can be high drama this has been riveting to watch unfold. “Rittenhouse made a compelling witness…he was reliving the trauma of what happened to him. He was chased down by an angry mob who threatened to kill him. One man tried to bludgeon him to death with a skateboard and another with a gun” explains Jarrett.

“He struck me as credible and candid and sincere, but it’s folly to predict what a jury will do. We’ll have to wait and see.” In terms of the judges theatrics and scolding, Jarrett doesn’t blame him one bit, “the judge was one hundred percent correct.” This is a “prosecutor who either recklessly or ineptly or intentionally violated the Constitutional rights that are sacred of the accused.”

“You cannot be forced to be a witness against yourself. And this is a prosecutor who decided to frame it in a way that suggested that his right to remain silent was incriminating of guilt. That is absolute grounds for a mistrial.”

“But then he doubled down and he violated another sacred constitutional principle and that is the right of an accused to face his accusers.”

Gorka and Jarrett transition to the Russia Hoax, as Jarrett explains there are a lot of “liars” involved in the Russia Hoax and the ensuing ‘Witch Hunt.’ Among them are Hillary Clinton, Christopher Steele, Steele’s source Danchenko, James Comey and more. The most flagrant liar of all is Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

“Schiff did hundreds and hundreds of interviews with the stuck up media. They didn’t know a damn thing because they didn’t bother to investigate any of the allegations or corroborate any of the dossier. They simply took it as gospel as if it were scripture from Moses. They were played for fools.”


  1. Great article. But I have to believe the majority of the media knew the Russia information was completely false. Most knew the entire time it was made up simply to hurt President Trump. I also believe a large portion of the media were part of the hoax and also the cover up of the truth.

  2. The MEDIA is the enemy of the people. They don’t care, and will lie with every statement.

  3. Yes Ofcourse the media knows …they all are puppets of the corprotocracy that wants to destroy nationalism and continue down the path of globalism.
    The elites versus the peasants…time to destroy the globalist and their minions.

  4. The tools of the trade for Democrats are all about the skills of presentation. These skills are acting, predation on human weekness, obfuscation, and the exploitation of even the slightest animosity between groups of people. Love of country, honesty, ethics and compassion all be damed.
    They try to use these tools to divide people and in growing the anger to hatred they convince some that they are the solution to the problems that they themselves have fostered.
    In short you cannot not be a good Democrat unless are an expert liar.
    Shiff is an outstanding Democrat and is highly valued in the party for skilled lieing. They cheer him on not realizing that Shiff is actually a sociopath boardering on a psychopathic crash. Pelosi comes close but she is smarter. Schumer is another sad case but realizing that his skills are less tuned he keeps his statements short leaving most of his lieing to the paid propagandists in the party and in the main stream media.
    That said, It is very hard to believe thst 80 million Americans are stupid enough to have voted Democrat, minus a few million who voted for Bidin out of hatred for America or like George Sorous who hope to profit from the decline and fall of the greatest, fairest, most generous, and properous nation the world has ever seen.
    God, please bless America again.. We promise to treat your gifts much better this time.

  5. Burn Kenosha or burn our system of justice.

    Tough call on the jury to make.

    I’d say, let the city burn.
    Sound the horns around Jericho

  6. FYI. Kyle Rittenhouse on the witness stand. You now have an idea of what PTSD looks like from the outside. My theory is that it is the aftermath of your body operating with elevated adrenaline levels. You own the demon or it owns you. On average 22 vets take their own life every day in USA.

  7. Looking for the extent of the rot in the deep state is like looking for of an exact number for pi, 3.14…You never get to the end.

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