The “Whistleblower” State’s Fight for Power


With the revelation that there are now multiple “whistleblowers” alerting the intelligence community of “presidential misconduct”, it has become apparent that the deep state, now becoming the “whistleblower” state, is fighting to keep their power. The deep state and their leadership fabricated stories about President Trump to try to remove him from office. Luckily for the American people, those plans failed.

Now those same deep state actors, who refuse to give up their power, have evolved into the “whistleblower” state. In Gregg Jarrett’s new book “Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History” Gregg writes:

“Power in the nation’s capital can be likened to crack cocaine: it is highly addictive. Those who exert power tend to become dependent on it and crave it. They are rarely inclined to give it up without a fight.” (page 2)


Even with all the traditional powers in the deep state, they have failed to take down President Trump. First, they attacked members of his administration, then they launched politically motivated investigations into him and his friends, all of which showed that he had nothing to hide.

This must-have shocked them, as an investigation into most other politicians would have unearthed something they could have used. This has forced them to change their tactics to take down the President, and now they rely on “whistleblowers” to keep their power.

They will continue to use federal funding and laws to depict other stories that they know are false, hoping that the American people will turn against the President.

Using the laws that they helped create, they are having individuals use second-hand knowledge, and now supposedly first-hand knowledge, of events that have been fully disclosed to the public to try to create a controversy, and a broken law, where one cannot be found. This is detrimental to our society and nation. Later in Gregg’s book, he points out:

“In a civil society, power to act for the benefit of the many is vested in the few. We instill our public trust that this power is dispensed for the common good without passion or prejudice. Such faith is an indispensable necessity to sound governance. Democracy fails when that trust is breached for personal gain or political design.” (page 399)

In the case of Hunter Biden receiving a purported $50,000 a month salary from a foreign company, as well as the many actors who botched the Hillary Clinton email investigation, it is apparent that those in power have failed the people they swore to protect and serve; they do not deserve the power they are trying to keep.

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  1. And we wonder why Americans believe in the Second Amendment and that includes many of my Democrat friends. I fear for our nation and how stupid the hate for Trump has caused many people to behave as if he was more dangerous then the Socialists, Communists, and the Greed Infested Europeans, and our own Business people who been stealing our Tax dollars and jeopardizing our way of life. This whole Impeachment and underhanded use of our FBI/DOJ and CIA to help destroy our Justice System and Presidency and turn our Government of the People to a Government of Totalitarians led by some hidden wealthy donors and sold out News Media must be stopped Legally before it turns to an Ugly Revolt. We have been “Played” by the Russians, Communist Chinese, and others in our country and our so-called friends.

  2. Well Said Batar Alexandervich! I’ve lost both friends and family over this reaction to Trump’s attack on their corruption, but I continue to support and pray for the President and his team to go after the deep state and put an end to people like Adam Schiff, Pelosi, HRC, Obama, Brennan, et al.

  3. We have herd about this corruption for yrs.Now we know the one behind it .When are they going to prison? They have destroyed the USA not one of were choose by the American people.

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