Three Chinese Coronavirus Whistleblowers Have Vanished

Chen Qiushi (left), Fang Bin (top right) and Li Zehua (bottom right) have not been seen for two months
Chen Qiushi (left), Fang Bin (top right) and Li Zehua (bottom right) have not been seen for two months


hina’s deceits continue to pile up; most of which are deadly. Those who did try to tell the truth of what occurred at the epidemic onset have not been seen for two months. Three whistleblowers, Chen Qiushi, Fang Bin and Li Zehua “shared dramatic pictures and videos from inside the quarantined city – the source of the coronavirus pandemic” have not been seen “since February” reports Metro UK.

All three were journalists and were allegedly determined to expose anything they could about the origins and handling of the pandemic in China. “Their popular accounts on YouTube – which is banned in mainland China” have “all gone quiet.” There has been no comment from Chinese authorities, but it does not take much to speculate the journalists’ fates.

Fang Bin, also a businessman in Wuhan “disappeared after releasing a video claiming to show a pile of bodies in a minibus outside a hospital” and “medics in hazmat suits attempting to treat patients as others wait moaning in pain” reported Metro.  In the footage, Fang also asks the medics, “so many people just died? When did this happen? Yesterday? There are so many bodies.” After the video was shared on twitter, Fang said officers “barged into his home and took him away after he posted the video on February 1.” He was released but has not been heard from after a February 9 post which read, “all people revolt – hand the power of the government back to the people.”

Chen Qiushi, a 34-year-old human rights lawyer “turned video journalist who arrived in Wuhan before the city went into lockdown” has also disappeared. Chen, who has not been heard from since February 6thand also covered the Hong Kong protests, released a video on his YouTube channel in which he said, “I will use my camera to document what is really happening. I promise I won’t cover up the truth.”

25-year-old journalist Li Zehua once worked for CCTV, the state broadcaster, but was reporting from Wuhan “independently.” Just last week a new theory unearthed that the pandemic began because the virus was built in a lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Radio Free Asia (RFA) claims Li Zehua was “targeted” after visiting the Institute.

United States Congressman Jim Banks has called for an investigation into the disappearance of the three Chinese citizens. “All three of these men understood the personal risk associated with independently reporting on coronavirus in China, but they did it anyway,” wrote Banks, concerned that China has “imprisoned them – or worse.”

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  1. So, why aren’t Democrats criticizing China at all?

  2. Believe me they would do the same to us…only reason they cant is because of the 2A

  3. If a product says ” Made in China” don’t buy it.

  4. Souinds like a big nothing burger. Of course China will cover up. All nations do. Think back to all the ‘suicides’ surrounding Hillary. Do you think all those people could have ‘suicided’ could have gotten past the notice of our intel community? China will, above all else, attempt to save face at any cost. If we prod the bull too hard, we better be prepared for the Hawks in China to one up the game of blame. Militarily.

  5. Just wait. It ain’t over yet. They went after Trump in broad daylight. They went after Kennedy in a nationally televised parade. All these democrats have been in office for years. This is not something some rogue democrats are doing. This is and has been the official policy of the dems for all my lifetime of observing them.

  6. People buy made in China because it is cheaper. Maybe if our rip off manufacturers would stop gouging us we would buy from them. But as long as they have summer homes and exotic cars and mansions my ear is deaf to them.

  7. Birds of a feather ya know…er Bats… eek

  8. It was good ole NBC that stated video regarding China and them hiding the truth isn’t funny NBC who hates Trump and is far left radical is the one that put this on.


  10. Oh, because if they don’t pin it on Trump, they’ll cease to exist- soon.

  11. A lot of people in the US Congress got reports in December 2019 from the DIA about a new flu in China. As Adam Schiff said the impeachment of Trump was more important than a new flu.
    There is a book by David L. Heymann that is worth reading on diseases.

  12. Maybe you’re in economics expert but I don’t think so

  13. or loose their chinese paychecks

  14. How about Chinese owned companies in the USA – like Smithfield Hams?
    China has also bought up American mines and a lot of real estate once called ‘family farms’, which are now Chinese corporations producing food for ‘their’ nation’s mouths.
    Sometimes “Made in the USA” don’t mean just quite whut it once did.

    And how is it a ‘foreign exchange student’ here on a ‘temporary student visa’ can ‘legally’ purchase a gun and pass an ATF background check?
    Do a search of ‘VA Tech Student charged with 30 round magazine’ – He kept his AR in a safe in the ‘student armory’ at the campus police dept and apparently was observed inserting a 30 round magazine into the rifle while shooting it at a Nation Forest public range – Judge threw out the case saying the office could not tell the difference between a 20 round or 30 round magazine at a distance – which raises the more bizzar question — why are 20 round magazines in foreign exchange student’s weapons legal, but 30 rounders are illegal?
    That is your government at work on gun control, immigration & trade agreement issues. Gawd help us!!!

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    Add to that OSHA/EPA regulations, zoning laws, environmental impact studies, govt red tape – NONE of which the third world has to limit/govern the production of products.
    Get rid of unions with ‘Right to Work’ laws and no minimum wage regulations. Let the market dictate what a qualified worker is to be paid to make a quality product – that is a ‘free market’.

  16. NothingButClinton broadcasting station hates Trump? I’m shocked……not!

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