Trifecta conservative coalition launches $2M campaign targeting Biden’s ‘dark money’ ties

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A coalition of three conservative groups launched a $2 million media campaign targeting progressive “dark money” groups that funded Joe Biden’s campaign. 

The coalition, led by Judicial Crisis Network, Heritage Action for America and Americans for Public Trust seek to oust “dark money” groups like Arabella Advisors, which poured millions of dollars into Biden’s 2020 campaign. 

The groups will also target two of Biden’s senior nominees: Xavier Becerra, the nominee for secretary of Health and Human Services and Vanita Gupta, Biden’s pick for associate attorney general. 

The group effort is directly targeting “pay-to-play,” a strategy that permits campaign contributions from businesses or enterprises seeking government contracts, The Federalist reports. 

“Dark money groups led by Arabella Advisors, among others, now want payback for helping Joe Biden get elected,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of Americans for Public Trust, said in a statement. “Mr. Biden promised unity, but his nominees to high positions and his policy prescriptions reveal an extreme liberal agenda, on which these dark money groups are trying to cash in.” 

A “dark money organization” is exactly what it sounds: a political nonprofit that is not required by law to disclose its donors. During the 2020 presidential election cycle, “dark money” organizations spent about $145 million to elect their chosen candidate, Joe Biden. 

Americans for Public Trust will spend $600,000 highlighting “dark money” groups, and Heritage Action for America will spend $600,000 on ads targeting Becerra, according to BizPacReview. 

“President Biden’s nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, has spent his entire career fighting for socialized health care, catering to the abortion industry, trampling on Americans’ religious freedom, and pushing the policies of liberal dark money groups,” Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action for America said in a statement. 

“If confirmed, he would bring his extreme agenda to HHS. Heritage Action is working to expose the radical personnel and policies being advanced by this administration, and we are urging every Senator to reject Becerra’s nomination.” 

Meanwhile, Judicial Crisis Network will spend $800,000 targeting Gupta. 

“In Vanita Gupta, President Biden has nominated a liberal activist who supports defunding the police and brings to the job her experience leading a left-wing dark money group,” Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino said in a statement. 

While Arabella Advisors claims they are not the source of funding for any organization, they pumped $2.4 billion into the political sphere – to benefit democratic politicians – since 2006, according to a bombshell Capital Research Center report

The campaign consists of three aids airing on cable and digital platforms, according to a press release from the coalition. There will also be a grassroots effort consisting of texts, emails and member activism targeting “dark money” groups, Becerra and Gupta, BizPacReview reports. 

“This is a highly coordinated effort to bring awareness to Biden’s pay-to-play approach to the liberal dark money groups who spent money to elect him and Senate Democrats, and to oppose two of Biden’s extremist nominees who will carry the agendas of those dark money groups to their administration posts if confirmed,” a republican strategist involved with the coalition said. 


  1. We need to find out if America has a vote.

    Expose Biden on that first. We know Biden is loaded in dirty money

    The Bug Guy didn’t buy all those homes on $200k a year.
    Hell I make that and dont have shit to show for it.
    I don’t get to pay for teen hookers and blow

  2. I like the idea, but how will you get the word out with a tech and big business coalition blockade against the truth”? We can’t even say the words “fraud” or “stolen election”.

  3. These traitors think us Patriots are going to just roll over and accept their rules, they better brace themselves for the real Resistance coming .MAGA will prevail!

  4. The Republicans need to stop some of these nominees or they will be on the outside looking in. Creepy Old Joe is being used by the EVIL DEMORATS, and he doesn’t even know what the HELL is going on. He won by “FRAUD ” and I doubt he will make it for “FOUR” years. The DEMORATS will now try to force their radical agenda while our COUNTRY is being destroyed. We will end up being another VENEZUELA. It happened there, once one of the most prosperous Countries is now destroyed and the people there are starving. This could happen here, if we allow the progressives to take over. All I can say is GOD HELP US.

  5. The WashingtonDC career politicians are thoroughly corrupt, engaged in Racketeering.

    They all adopted the Clinton Foundation of business as usual (Pay to play=Bribes/kick backs/etc.)

  6. We the lobbiests and dark money purveyors, in order to form a more short slanted union, establish our (our) definition of justice (sort of), insure domestic muzzlement provide for the defence of FORT PELOSI, promote the general Welfare State, and secure the blessings of Liberty to the ruling class, Teachers Unions (wink & nod)
    do ordain and establish this reconstitution of the disunited states.

    Go IRAN

    D O E S I T H U R T TO T H I N K,


  7. We should be more concerned with the cost of energy in the United States! Biden has been in power 1 month and the price of regular gasoline has already gone up $0.50/gallon in Western North Carolina. With Biden, all energy costs across all types of energy will rise significantly causing a Biden inflation for all Americans! Add in Biden’s plans to throw in tons more regulations, and presto, unemployment will rise and rise!! Plus, add in Biden’s administration completely idiotic mismanagement of the SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 virus and its genetic mutants, and look for our USA economy to tank!! And, all the while China, India, and other industrialized nations continue to spew carbon-based pollutants into our Earth while Biden destroys our coal and oil industries!! These issues, Gregg Jarrett, are just some of the “dark issues” We the People have to look forward to!!

  8. We were wondering if Mike Lindell’s documentary on Absolute Proof concerning how the 2020 Presidential Election was manipulated will every be used to take down the far left leaders?

  9. What a disgrace and he gets away with all the evil he has done and steals everything he gets. Taxpayers with no jobs no money and he has mountains of it and won’t ever have time to spend it. WICKED world we live in.

  10. Joe Biden is working for Communist China and he intends to bring America down. He has already killed blue-collar jobs opening the borders so will be less safe and we will be dependent Once more on our enemies. This week he is going to try to pass equity which is dangerous so no more equality folks.

  11. The whole system, government, media and big tech are all working for a very progressive agenda. Gone are the checks and balances. The populace only sees and hears one side of the coin. To top it all, the very people, whom we entrust to be our voices , remain silent and even appeared neutered by their democratic collegues . Will 2022 change things? I don’t think so, as long as we have all those old “guards” in the political theatre whose only objective is to perpetuate their positions on power and influence

  12. Bill boards. Local newspapers in metropolitan areas. Buy commercial. Adds in magazines. Especially in the hollywood gossip mag.

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