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resident Trump sat down with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday to discuss the shocking decision that was heard ‘round the politics world on Friday.  National Intelligence Director Richard Grenell announced his office will “strip the FBI of its duties briefing the presidential 2020 candidates.” Grenell’s decision comes after an overwhelming amount of newly released documents show the questionable actions and political bias that took place in the 2016 election. Bartiromo mentions the “former FBI director Jim Comey infamously briefed President-elect Donald Trump on January 6th2017, just one day after he met with President Obama and other top officials in the oval office.”

Discussing the weeks leading up to his inauguration, Bartiromo asks about then-President Obama. “Do you believe President Obama directed the U.S. intelligence agencies to spy on you?” Bartiromo pointedly asked President Trump.

“Yes, he probably directed them but if he didn’t direct them, he knew everything” replied Trump. The President then makes a very concise statement: “and you’ll see that, by the way…you’re gonna see that when the papers come out.”

Looks like Trump is preparing us for even more“ObamaGate” material. “Remember the Lisa Page text to her lover saying POTUS wants to see everything? POTUS. They’re not talking about me I wasn’t President. They’re talking about POTUS wants to see everything” Trump added.

Lisa Page is the former FBI attorney who was assigned, along with FBI agent Peter Strzok, to investigate any Trump collusion with Russia. The Department of Justice released to the Committee roughly 384 pages of text messages between the two which revealed they were supporters of Hillary Clinton and thought President Trump was an “idiot.”

Bartiromo then mentions a January 5thmeeting in the Oval Office with President Obama, Vice President Biden, Clapper and Brennan all in attendance. “So, should we believe that they were looking for collusion evidence, they couldn’t find the collusion evidence, there was none, so they said, ‘let’s just use the Logan Act to take him down?” Bartiromo questioned.

“First of all, they snuck around White House counsel, they went to see a very unsuspecting general friend; he’s a general, not a lawyer, they said you don’t need a lawyer and they started asking him questions. And they probably brought up the Logan Act and they probably scared the hell out of him” Trump said referring to an FBI conversation with General Flynn.

“But let me tell you a little secret,” said Trump. “With Mueller, that whole thing turned out to be a total fraud. The whole Mueller investigation’s a fraud. It was all part of the same deal” Trump added.  As for “what they did to General Flynn, and others, you know we know about General Flynn, you’ll find out about others too” Trump asserted. The others too? Keep the “papers” coming!


  1. Crooks will be crooks, but does the US have any real system of justice?

  2. Once the papers come out we will still be in the same boat we were before we started. Obama and his minions aren’t going anywhere. There isn’t anyone in the Republican party with a strong enough backbone to force the issue. It is time for the Republican party to get down and dirty and make things happen. Either run with the big dogs or keep standing on the porch and bark like a puppy.

  3. in this light, it almost seems like barr was running a little con on barry and joe yesterday.

  4. Let’s face it, these goofballs have the goods on Barr and many others and probably threatened to bring down the entire country if they are charged

  5. Hopefully, some how they will regain their consciences and do the right thing…..though I’m not counting on it. If they were true patriotic Americans they would. Comey is the only one so far who has spoken publicly about what he did in all of that (smiling the entire time). He was proud of what he did. Said he did it….because he could get away with it.

  6. The only Republican it seems that has guts and fight in him….is Trump. Now Jordan, Nunes, and others have really fought against the Dems too. But they are too few in number to make a big effect. Greg Garrett is great too. We need more as the other side are very united.

  7. Remember, by definition: “A Professionally trained LIAR = Lawyer”

  8. He must have woke up with a fresh cut horse head in his bed = warning of Arkancide coming his way….

  9. Then Barr (Jeff Sessions II) comes out and says “NO prosecution, not even an INVESTIGATION of Oblamma and Sleepy Joe…!”

    This is DISGUSTING! Subversion of the Justice system. Subversion of the intelligence apparatus. Obstruction of justice. Illegal use of NSA and FISA. Treason and conspiracy.

    These criminals need to be IN JAIL! We need a special prosecutor! Joe DiGeneva!

  10. Trump needs to call the press into the press room, have Barr stand beside him and in no uncertain terms, announce that he is firing Barr for not doing his job, in believing that one does not indict a former President, for that is obviously what he believes. So now that there is Biden on tape in the Ukraine clearly showing him colluding with them, yet no charges will be brought against him? Not only should Bar be fired, he should be indicted as a co-conspirator.

  11. We need to ask Barr if “no one is above the law” is true or not true. Then make him explain why he would give those guys a pass.

  12. I’m hoping that the reasoning is of a virtuous nature that protects the respect that the public must have for a federal government. The Constitution only stands for the people if they are a virtuous population. Clearly, virtue and the Constitution are impediments to the Democratic agenda–as they were specifically intended to be in order for a Republic to remain afloat.

  13. That was before the calls were leaked about the billion dollar quid pro quo Joe Ukrainian hustle. It is very clear that Joe did illegally use his office to stop an investigation for personal benefit. But, I’m no Barr fan. His idea of justice in a political landscape and Justice according to the Constitution are not the same.

  14. I totally agree with you!!

  15. barr & wray need to be fired and obama & comey need to go to prison!

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