he legal landscape is littered with the destruction wrought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his “hit squad” of partisan prosecutors.

By commuting the prison sentence of Roger Stone on Friday, President Trump took a justified step in rectifying an egregious wrong. The president’s decision was also a compassionate gesture toward a 67-year old man who is not in the best of health and would have entered a federal prison system Tuesday that is struggling to contain the deadly coronavirus that is especially virulent for older Americans.

Illegitimately appointed under federal regulations, Mueller employed a scorched-earth strategy to bully, intimidate, and threaten people like former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos into coerced guilty pleas.

Mueller’s ultimate goal was to get these people to incriminate President Trump for imaginary crimes based on invented evidence of Russian “collusion” to steal the 2016 presidential election. But they didn’t. There was nothing incriminating. But the truth was irrelevant to the special counsel.

Mueller didn’t care that it was all a hoax and that the supposed “evidence” was phony. He was more than willing to force people to lie to falsely implicate Trump.

People associated with the president — like conservative radio host Jerome Corsi and former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T. McFarland — were put in a room and threatened with years behind bars if they declined to capitulate. But they refused to lie and no charges were brought against them because there was no evidence they had done anything wrong.

Indeed, Mueller never charged anyone with a “collusion” conspiracy, since it never actually happened.

Roger Stone also resisted. But his punishment by Mueller was a 24-page indictment and jackbooted tactics during an early morning arrest at his home,

Twenty-nine FBI agents wearing tactical gear and wielding M4 rifles, swept across Stone’s lawn. Four agents used a battering ram to break down his front door and then pointed rifle barrels at Stone’s head.

A helicopter hovered above, and two police boats roared up to the back yard of Stone’s home. The bust was shown live on CNN, which just happened to be there at 6 a.m.

The bizarre raid was not designed to capture an armed and dangerous criminal, but rather a writer, self-promoter and longtime friend of Trump. The feds knew that Stone had no criminal record, owned no firearms, and had an expired passport and thus was not dangerous or a flight risk.

But that wasn’t the point. The objective was to scare the hell out of Stone so that he might say something damaging about Trump, even if it was a complete fabrication. It was the equivalent of suborning perjury.

Mueller’s abusive wielding of power in the arrest of Stone revealed the rot at the heart of the entire Russia investigation. It was, as Trump tweeted at the time, the “Greatest Witch Hunt in the History of our Country! Border Coyotes, Drug Dealers, and Human Traffickers are treated better.”

The indictment of Stone was a gaseous windbag of a document. It told of a tantalizing story about Trump, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. The indictment suggested that Stone might have had some advance knowledge or inside information about the contents of hacked Hillary Clinton campaign emails that were released by WikiLeaks in the summer of 2016.

“Advance knowledge” is not a crime, by the way. Hence, all the froth boiled down to allegations of what are known as “process crimes” — obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering.

I don’t want to minimize or condone process crimes. No person should ever lie, mislead, or obstruct a legitimate law enforcement investigation. But Mueller’s probe was far from legitimate.

Moreover, none of the charges had anything to do with Trump-Russia “collusion.” It was not alleged that Stone had conspired with Russians to hack or steal documents.

Instead, Stone stood accused of reaching out to WikiLeaks and asking others to do so — as did hundreds of journalists in the summer of 2016, myself included. That is not a crime. If it was, I’d be composing this column behind bars.

An examination of Stone’s emails showed that he provided little more than the same information that WikiLeaks had already stated publicly. Stone speculated that the Clinton emails would be damaging. But that was stating the obvious.

By trying to insert himself into the action, Stone created the appearance that he knew more than he did — a frequent habit of his.

Mueller’s job was to uncover crimes that had occurred before he was appointed. But his investigation generated or created the charges against Stone. This invites the question: did Stone lie or make false statements?

Stone insisted that he had forgotten about some of the documents and conversations he had been asked to recount, saying: “I am human and I did make some errors.”

Did Stone threaten a witness? Stone claimed his statements were jocular and taken wildly out of context.

Although he pleaded not guilty, Stone was convicted by a jury in Washington in November.

If you are a friend of Trump, getting a fair trial in the District of Columbia is a challenge, if not an impossibility, especially in a politically charged case. In the last presidential election, 90.5 percent of the ballots in the nation’s capital were cast in favor of Hillary Clinton. A scant 4.1 percent of votes were cast for Trump.

Suspicions of a wrongful conviction against Stone became more acute when new evidence emerged after his trial that justice may have been undone by a jury foreperson who harbored a disqualifying bias.

Tomeka Hart, the foreperson, is a Democratic activist who voiced extreme anti-Trump opinions that were largely concealed during jury selection. Before she was ever picked for the trial, Hart posted numerous social media comments highly critical of Trump and actively engaged in protests against him.

Even worse, in a string of posts Hart commented negatively about the Stone case itself, praised the Mueller investigation and suggested that the president and his supporters (such as Stone) were racists.

Hart referred to Trump with the hashtag “klanpresident.” She should never, under any circumstances, have been sitting in judgment of Stone. Hart must have known this, inasmuch as she is a lawyer.

As I pointed out in a previous column, Hart’s record is indicative of a manifest prejudice against Stone by virtue of his close association with Trump. Because Hart was the foreperson who had the ability to guide and even induce other jurors to convict Stone, it is likely that he was deprived of his constitutional right to an impartial jury and a fair trial,

Predictably, U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who was appointed to the bench by President Barack Obama, denied a motion for a new trial for Stone.

The judge blamed Stone’s attorneys for not uncovering evidence of bias before the trial commenced. Under the law, that is not an excuse for refusing to overturn a tainted conviction by granting a new trial.

When our imperfect system of justice fails the president is constitutionally empowered to issue either a pardon or a commutation. Indeed, he may do so for either a good reason or no reason at all.

President Trump did not pardon Stone, which would have absolved him of his convicted crimes. Rather, Trump commuted Stone’s sentence of 40 months in prison.

Stone’s convictions will stand, unless a higher court reverses them on appeal. The political and media backlash will be severe, to be sure. But that has never deterred Trump before and should not in the future.

The contorted case of Roger Stone is a sad coda to the work of Robert Mueller. As Trump tweeted last month, Stone was “a victim of a corrupt and illegal Witch Hunt, one which will go down as the greatest political crime in history. He can sleep well at night!”

Stone has suffered enough, He deserves to sleep in his own bed.

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  1. I’ve got questions. Can Flynn ask for Rule 11 Sanctions against the attorney representing the judge? https://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/frcp/rule_11 Can Flynn sue the judge personally for violating his Constitutional rights while acting outside of his jurisdiction? How did judges give themselves immunity from violating the Constitutional rights of the victims in front of them? I bought your books. They were very good.

  2. This whole situation should be a wake up call for anyone that is paying attention!
    This whole Russia collusion farce should be a wake up call for freedom loving Americans!
    The spying by a Sitting American President and its administration!
    The weaponizing of The Justice Department the CIA and the FBI!
    The Muller Investigation!
    The Keystone cops overly armed FBI raid on an elderly non violent persons home with live CNN coverage!
    The waste of money and destruction of innocent people’s lives!
    The people behind this whole charade starting with Obama on down to Muller should be facing true justice and have to pay back all the wasted taxpayers money and all the compensation due to those who lost all and whose lives were turned upside down!
    Is this the USA or a Communist third world nation?

  3. God Bless Pres Trump and God Bless our judicial system. It needs prayers to do the right things today. Obama has so corrupted our justice system and politicized so much of our FBI.

  4. The media coordinated show the FBI put on storming Stone’s house was a disgrace. The subsequent courtroom sequel to that show was equally disgraceful. The behavior of Judge Jackson along with the that of Judge Sullivan clearly demonstrate that the Deep State has infected our judiciary.

  5. Why are the Gestapo like tactics of the FBI not being investigated. All they would have needed to do was ask Roger Stone to report to the nearest FBI office. If i were one of the 29 armed FBI agents I would be hanging my head in shame.

  6. IMHO, Robert Mueller didn’t have a clue what the heck was going on in with ‘his’ investigation. That seemed pretty apparent when he testified in the House before fatso Nadler’s Judiciary committee. Mueller couldn’t even find the Table of Contents page in it. The guy who was really running it was Mueller’s ‘Attack Dog’, Andrew Weissmann.
    Anyone whose read just a little of Weissmann’s checkered history. — the guy should have been Disbarred decades ago for withholding exculpatory evidence, hey sound familiar? — could see from Team Mueller’s first scalp, Gen Flynn, that it was Weissmann who was in Charge and doing the Indicting.
    And Weissmann going after Roger Stone for lying to congress when he could have went after Jim Comey & every other Obama admin clown is more typical Weissmann bull__.

    So yes, Pres Trump was 100% right in what he did with Stone, and not because he was a a friend. Stone being his friend is what put the target on his back for Weismann.

  7. Yes, cuckservatives always talk about “the Gestapo” (actually a very small outfit – in a city the size of Frankfurt they had only fifteen employees, tasked with rooting out the communists who had led the rioting and looting and political attacks), never Stasi or the KGB. “This should prove that I’m not a racist!”

  8. After all this political nonsense and the Deep State machinations it has become clear that nothing short of a complete purge of the swamp will be needed to return us to a fair system. These Ivy League criminals have twisted and ruined the admittedly imperfect justice system. It is very obvious that NOTHING will be done without serious rioting and violence as we’ve seen with BLM and other radical leftists organizations.

    Problem is working Americans and others living comfortable lives think it can never happen to them. The cowardly and compliant media is a major part of this problem. They have a political agenda that includes being part of the Deep State operations., No American should ever accept any form of Justice from this corrupt system.

    They are as illegal as the Nazis in WW II and should be considered as such until something drastic is done to put an end to this hidden horror. Individuals must be tried and if convicted go to jail for long periods. Will not happen so either sit back and take it or shut your complaining mouth.

  9. That made absolutely no sense.

  10. he sounds like a leftist. they never make sense. NOR never ever try to use logic with a leftard,. their brains explode!

  11. Knowing all the above plus the fact that mueller was only a strawman – his pathetic public hearing was revealing – why are the fomentors of the COUP, ALL jevvs of the kipa-gang: schitf, nadler, schumer, weissman, rosenstein, vindman, yovanovitch, hall (?), bolton… AND of course mueller not behind bars? Why AG Barr? Is Barr’s church mate, like his jevv controllers, protected by a supreme instance of the DeepState, as are biden and sanders? A leftist revolution (lead by jevvs as in 1917!) is on course, not yet at its worst, its goals the NWO and democracy’s holocaust! Mark my words… and do something to stop damocles’ (jevvish) sword!

  12. You are too kind calling a disgrace and disgraceful what is hatefull and to the nation uppermostly harmful…

  13. It certainly proves you didn’t fall in the trap of PC vocabulary in which exonnerating left’s present and past crimes is mandatory…

  14. Slowlyv slowly – though violently, closer to the latter and further from the former…

  15. The tree Weissman shouldn’t obstruct the view of the kipa-gang forest of jevv conspirators of the coup and behind the leftist unrest…

  16. Americans are confusing with their ignorance, even when adopting a proper political stance. The National Socialist Party came to power by democratic elections, unlike the bolshevik jevvs behind the soviet revolution! And jevvs are again those behind this national mayhem.

  17. Q+ sent me. Roger Stone is innocent.

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