n the battle of Bolton versus Trump, lines are being drawn. Anti-Trumpers are salivating over the potential gossip they will learn from Bolton’s book, backing their own bias. Others, however, claim Bolton is nothing more than a disgruntled employee who wants some sort of payback at his former boss. Interestingly, a very prevalent figure is fervently disagreeing with Bolton.

Turkish presidential communications director Fahrettin Altun has denounced Bolton’s book, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.” In a series of tweets, Altun contends the book is “misleading, one-sided and manipulative” in its accounts of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s conversations with President Donald Trump.

“We find it reprehensible that former high-level officials attempt to use serious diplomatic conversations and efforts to resolve outstanding issues between allies like the U.S. and Turkey for their domestic political agendas,” said Altun.

Bolton’s claim was that Trump “sought to interfere in an investigation into Turkish state-owned bank, Halkbank, in an effort to cut deals with Erdogan” reports the Associated Press. As a result, “Halkbank was charged with evading U.S. sanctions against Iran by processing billions of dollars of Iranian oil revenue. An indictment said the bank illegally moved about $20 billion in Iranian oil and gas revenues, sometimes disguising money movements as purchases of food and medicine,” adds the AP.

Altun responded that Erdogan “clearly outlines Turkey’s priorities and advocates for them vigorously” which includes the Halkbank issue. Although Altun declares Bolton was driven by political considerations and personal gain, “We are confident that the US-Turkey relationship will survive such efforts and even thrive at the end. President Erdogan will continue his frank, honest, and straightforward conversations with U.S. President Donald Trump.”

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  1. Just because they deny, does not mean the text is wrong, I have no idea who said what, all I know, I will never trust the Turkos nor Amb. Bolton…he lost me…

  2. Bolton is a disgruntled former employee. He has an axe to grind because he was publicly humiliated upon dismissal. He has always had a devious motive behind his actions. He should never be trusted to tell the truth. It’s not in his nature.

  3. Some called Bolton a hawk… he’s just another jevvish vulture trying to feed on the antiTrump culture… His book is no more worth than was Schitf’s pretended knowledge about the hoax. Bolton’s bitter hate and anger are the only icing-sugar of a much heralded nothingburger…

  4. Trump sure is good at exposing people for who they are.

  5. He brings out who they really are. Love it.

  6. Bolton was a man some time ago that I thought would be an asset to Trump or any president. I was wrong! He is a turncoat, self righteous, self-serving, prick. The President figured him out and rightfully fired the liar. Glad he did. Should sue him and use the money from his book(if any) for his campaign.

  7. Recalling all of the negative democrat claims about bolton during his confirmation hearings as UN ambassador, including those making poor george voinovich weep, one must now conclude they were right. The guy truly seems a creep. And, of course, the usual hypocrisy of dems, who now love him, emerges yet again.

  8. Bolton, another of my heroes bites the dust. How sad

  9. I kind of agree except…the negatives during his campaign came from the left. After his less than stellar administration, much of the negative comes from the right, including, apparently you and me.

  10. Talking about banks laundering money – take a look into what happened when HSBC Bank was busted for laundering billions of dollars worth of drug cartel and terrorist money. Loretta Lynch tried the case and let HSBC off with a slap on the wrist. The Clintons “received” $85,000,000 from HSBC “account holders” – account holders – no further details. The way that HSBC laundered all of that money was to run it thru phony accounts – set up by using information gleaned from former legitimate “account holders”. So where did all that money the Clintons “received” really come from? Should be looked into.Other “players” involved in the HSBC fiasco are Robert Mueller – James Comey – Eric “Fast & Furious” Holder – Barack Obama – or whoever the hell he really is.

  11. The same could probably be said about George W. Bush.

  12. Bolton is an A-hole. Richard Grennel (Acting DCI) said his book had classified material in it, and now the Turks have confirmed it. That fool should be arrested for spying and imprisoned.

  13. These are the types of swamp activities that the D.C. insiders engage in regularly. Trump has upset the gravy train and I am really surprised he is still walking this earth. There are 100’s of billions of swamp rat dollars changing hands in D.C.

    Trump was NEVER part of that corrupt network. The Clinton’s, Comey, Holder, Lynch and many others received a lot of that dirty money. But the bulk is utilized by hidden insiders paying those tools and Deep State to do their bidding. Just another organized Crime group with lawyers and elected officials instead of thugs and hitman. Not so sure about the hitman given the Clinton body count.

  14. Trump as is his way needs to know for himself and at times relies too much on advisors since he is not a career swamp dweller. He wanted to take a look at Bolton since he had a double reputation. Well he smelled him out pretty quick and before he could implement some of his “policies.”

    Trump does not wait additional “advice” or consult with pollsters he just fires losers and puffy resume people. I really don’t care if he dumps many of these career revolving door “experts” since most are just bullish*tters and connected tools. When you see individuals bouncing around D.C. for decades you can rest assured they are grifters and con-men. D.C. is not a place where family people live and raise kids.

    These are “Stateless” people on the make. Just consider’. Would you leave your family, friends and your home State to move for decades to a City that is nothing but a government buildings museum. The culture and society is all about deals, backslapping and lying. Politics is 24/7 and family life is truncated into some group creation to support the game being run daily in Washington D.C. Almost like being a Mafia family where the organization comes first and the family is “something” else.

  15. So Bolton breached the national security of Turkey. Maybe they will issue a warrant for his Arrest so he won’t be able to roam the globe at will. The US and its liberal & political Court system surely will take no action against this type of “insider” violations of our security.

    Thing is there are often two sides to a breach of security. Turkey should come down hard on Bolton. He is a money grubbing slug who was all twisted panties because Trump stopped him from starting another conflict or small war. His foreign policy ideas start with war and escalate from there. Diplomacy is not even on his radar screen.

  16. I have no respect or trust in Bolton when there were “alleged” leaks coming from his book during the witch hunt by the democrats. He let the Ny Times and others print false stories which made the democrats go cray they wanted him to come in and testify to stories he never actually said. He then told congress and the senate there is no point having me come in. He said I never saw or heard the president break any laws yup there star witness proved that the president was innocent. Then again he was charged with no crime and his firing of Comey and Bolton were the right thing to do.

  17. I agree Trump was never one of them. The D.C. elitist who have become fabulously wealthy in so called “Government Service”. Insider trading etc. – Like Feinstein’s husband was “awarded” a billion dollar contract for that “FAILED” high speed train to nowhere in California. deBlasio and his wife cannot account for what happened to $900,000,000 in NYC and nobody seems to care. With that kind of corruption how much of “OUR” 20 plus trillion dollar deficit went into our so called representative pockets? When talking in trillions a few hundred million maybe even a billion here and there looks a whole lot smaller and easier to sweep under the rug,. Also like all thief’s the more they get away with the more they think they will never be caught. As someone else once posted –
    ” I am less concerned about the tax returns of a billionaire who became a politician – then I am about the tax returns of politicians who became millionaires.”
    Look at “The Squad” and all the money they are blowing thru on $170,000 a year salaries. We’ve seen where they have been funneling more than that to their boyfriends.

  18. I was a Bush supporter for 8 years. listened to all the “conspiracy theories” about him from the left. We have seen all the evidence against the Clintons and Obama or whoever the hell he really is – and the right has been screaming about those “conspiracy theories”. What if BOTH the right and left are correct? That would help explain why after 8 years of
    nothing but Bush bashing – the Obamas – Clintons AND Bush’s are such good friends now. They have to cover each others asses.

  19. The left is screaming for more government. As a developer – especially in NYC I can imagine all the rings Trump had to kiss to get something done. Like with all other developers – that creates a bad taste in your mouth for big government. Our government has been run like the Mafia – if you want to do something you have to “kick up”. Obama brought that corrupt Chicago style government with him – Hillary is also from Chicago. Pelosi is from corrupt Baltimore. Now they want to make D.C. a state. The reason D.C. is not a state is so that D.C. get’s no favoritism over other states.

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