Ukraine probe has morphed into the ‘Nancy Pelosi-Adam Schiff Witch Hunt’


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., have hijacked the Ukraine investigation and are using it as an excuse to initiate a “witch hunt” against President Trump, Gregg Jarrett said Tuesday on “Fox & Friends.”

“It absolutely is a witch hunt,” he said. “Instead of [a] Russian collusion witch hunt, the media and Democrats have now sort of seamlessly transitioned to the Ukrainian witch hunt. Which is really the Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff witch hunt.



“The fact of the matter is that the president’s conversation was not a crime, it’s not an impeachable offense,” Jarrett continued. “In the beginning, Democrats and the media said, ‘oh the conversation is a crime.’ Until the Department of Justice criminal division said, ‘we looked at the transcript. It’s not a crime. It’s not a campaign violation.'”

Jarrett also said Democrats have subjectively accused Trump of an “abuse of power” to give themselves a wide berth with which to smear and demean the president before trying to remove him from office.

“Democrats have embraced this amorphous concept known as abuse of power, which is nowhere in the Constitution,” he said.

“And the trouble with that is that its sort of shifting sands of subjective interpretation that can be abused for political reasons — exactly what the framers did not want.”

Jarrett on Fox and Friends: Trump’s Actions Are Not Impeachable

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  1. This latest witch hunt is a Hail Mary Pass to stop Trump in 2020.

  2. The latest witch hunt is a Hail Mary Pass to stop Trump in 2020. Nancy Pelosi’s husband was on the flight logs to Epstein’s Pervert Island. Notice how that story disappeared? This is a coup in action.

  3. When all is said and done, The Democrat-Communist-Islamic-Nazi Terrorist Organization, will be destroyed by any means necessary. They will one by one begin to commit SUICIDE, rather than be INCARCERATED.

  4. Gregg great work I and many others here would like to encourage you to approach Fox News to do a one-hour special on breaking this down bit by bit the complexity of the issues that the Dems have muddied the waters with makes it very hard for the American public to discern what’s happening your style of Simplicity directness and facts could be compiled in a documentary that could open a lot of eyes God bless

  5. Gregg, your books are outstanding with so much more information we needed to hear. Thank You for all you do to help our great President. All this harassment should stop and NOW! I am in touch with many thousands every day and they are sick of it…along with the hate in our Country which is incredible.

  6. Bag of Schiff and Pelosi need to be removed from their respective positions because of what I’m about to write. ARTICLE VI, SECTIONS 2 and 3: SUPREMACY OF THE CONSTITUTION!! This important “Supremacy Clause” means that State Legislation in “CONFLICT WITH” the U.S. Constitution, a treaty, or FEDERAL LAW is NULL & VOID. The Federal Government is SUPREME in the areas assigned to it by the U.S. Constitutions official Oath: Religion test, State as well as Federal officials “MUST” Solemnly agree to support the U.S. Constitution. Also, Bag of Schiff and all of his criminal cohorts are 100% SUBVERSIVE. The definition of Subversive is as follows. SUBVERSIVE: Intending to subvert or overthrow, destroy, or undermine an ESTABLISHED or EXISTING system, “ESPECIALLY A LEGALLY CONSTITUTED GOVERNMENT. SUBVERSIVE PERSON: Troublemaker, dissident, agitator, revolutionary, renegade, rebel. This is intended as food for thought.

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