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Warren/Sanders Advisor: Take Money from Veterans Healthcare, Give to Illegals

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Senator Warren and Senator Sanders have both publicly supported the dismantling of the United States healthcare system and want to rebuild it as a socialized government-run system. In this new system, illegal aliens would also be entitled to taxpayer-funded healthcare. Senator Sanders has admitted that to accomplish this, taxes on the middle class would need to increase. Senator Warren has refused to say how she plans to pay for such an expensive and expansive healthcare system.

The Washington Post interviewed a few “external economic policy advisers” to see what ideas they might be pitching to Senator Warren’s campaign. One advisor by the name of Robert Pollin suggested taking away money from the Department of Veterans Affairs and diverting it to a single-payer system.


“Robert Pollin, a left-leaning economist at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst who has worked with the Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) teams, said he believes two-thirds of the single-payer fund can be raised by redirecting existing public health-care spending from Medicare, Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Pollin refused to discuss any details related to his conversations with Warren’s campaign.” – The Washington Post

Not only is Mr. Pollin suggesting that funds intended for the healthcare of America’s bravest be diverted to this new system, but also Medicaid and Medicare funds. This means that the government entities that are meant for the underprivileged, handicap, and elderly will lose funding. Even with redirecting all of these funds Mr. Pollin admits that they would need to raise an additional 600 billion dollars.

“Pollin suggests that the remaining third be raised by a $600 billion annual ‘gross-receipts’ tax on businesses.”

This means that in effect, taxes will go up on all citizens. If stealing money from the health plans of American veterans is their best solution, the American people will reject their radical ideas and reelect President Trump.

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  1. Please pass this on to every veteran, so that they may vote accordingly!!!

  2. This is so over the top. They will dismantle social security (what’s left of it) too. We as Americans can’t let this happen. RNC has raised 150 billion to date
    DNC 8 billion. I think that shows what Americans are thinking. Vote the demoncrats out.

  3. Bernie Sanders will following the socialist play book will nationalize many big business. It would mean that he could with his pen take over the banks and those bank saving accounts of everyone from the little guy to corporate accounts.
    Oil companies will be another target and the ones who drive cars will see their price of gas triple overnight with the taxes place on it.
    Remember only rich folks can afford cars.
    Yes! He will nationalize Facebook and other media sites. Amazon will see it become a government business.
    Bernie will re-sharp the US in his image of a perfect country.
    Should remember that Bernie will have access to the briefcase that contain the codes of every missile in the US.

  4. Also send this to every senior citizen that has Medicare & Medicaid because they will lose their funding along with Vets. Read the article and see the HUGE LIE the Dems have been saying for many years – accusing the Republicans of cutting Medicare & Medicaid and it’s been the Dems that has lied to the masses.

  5. Citizen journalist George Webb has been uncovering trails of corruption. Syphoning off US aid to the VA is only one of the wicked actions of these congresspersons and officials.

  6. I think that thes nut cases need to be put into a nut house

  7. This is just another example at how pathetic the democratic party has become.

  8. not in a nuthouse but in the middle of the ocean full of sharks.

  9. these thugs are selling “a ticket to hell” to the American Citizens. The same ticket of Venezuela or Cuba.

  10. You mess with the Vets, Medicare and Medicaid and you’ll have a civil war on your hands. We’ve paid into these by working our asses off or serving our country. Why don’t you elected Democraps give up some of your millions to pay for your stupid thoughts!!!!

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