At last night’s sixth Democratic debate in Los Angeles, Sen. Elizabeth Warren attacked South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg for holding a closed-door fundraiser in what she called a “wine cave.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “Billionaires in wine caves should not pick the next president of the United States.”


Pete Buttigieg: “This is the problem with issuing purity tests you cannot yourself pass.”

Buttigieg’s event included a chandelier studded with 1,500 Swarovski crystals and $900 bottles of wine — items Senator Warren pointed out as being out of reach for the majority of Americans.

Watch the heated exchange above.

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  1. Says she who talks about “cheese shops” in ultra liberal Cambridge, MA !

  2. The democrats have all gone completely bonkers. Vote them OUT next November.

  3. Warren is a FRAUD she is forever calling out people for the very things she does. Warren said Trump got rich off the regular citizen during Obama and Biden’s awful economy. Well that was a lie Trump did not buy one piece of residential property during that time frame. Now someone else did someone else bought foreclosures of their constituents well since Trump was never a politician until he ran and won the presidency its easy to guess who made their money off the back of the people who were crushed by the incompetent democratic party. Yes it was Elizabeth Warren she made the bulk of her money off the struggles of the people in her district. This brings to mind and ethical question if Warren was getting rich during that time how hard if at all would she try to change that situation ? Ironically Warren says she will have nothing to do with back room deals. When she first ran for office her platform was for equal pay for women. Warren actually wrote a bill but never turned it in you see there was a back room deal with old white guys of her party and they told her to kill that bill. Their excuse was it would cause to many frivolous lawsuits can you believe the democratic party that has issued more lawsuits in Trumps first term than any other party in a 2 term was really afraid of frivolous lawsuits ? Warren sold out the people who voted her there and she still goes around pretending like she is for equal pat for women just like the green deal she will support it just don’t ask her to sign it. I think one of things we must change is no politician from any party will be allowed to work or collect money from any other job while in office the risk of corruption is to high. Those who say they can’t afford it don’t run for office its that simple. I personally find anyone who only works part time saying they can’t live off $174.000 thousand dollars a year proof that we don’t want them anywhere near a budget.

  4. I just now read some articles on “School restraint’s” in Illinois–It appear’s that the educational system-(U.S.A.)has changed hand’s–drastic—now we have a “public asylum system-?”—it so happen’s that in 1966—the year “Star trek” and it’s cosmic cuties showed up in media-the Detroit riot’s occured–strange–(see my twitter page–for additional possibilities)–I do have an actual video of a TR3B–Black Triangle–which I obtained here in northern Indiana–purely accidental(as far as I can tell)they may “want” to be seen occasionaly–??–Time to find out whether those are actually DARPA Project vehicles or not–NASA–??—also “under the influence”—??–(previous member–United Army Air Defense Training Center–Fort Bliss–El Paso-Texas—1961–)

  5. Senator Warren’s argument is specious (if you don’t know, look it up). The gathering wasn’t for poor people who couldn’t afford it. It was for people who could afford to provide financial assistance to a legitimate presidential candidate.

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