Watch: Devin Nunes Rips Adam Schiff


Rep. Devin Nunes ripped Democrat rival Rep. Adam Schiff Thursday by bringing up the time Schiff thought he was talking to a Ukraine official who could get him Moscow-provided photos of a naked Trump.

It is believed to be the first time a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, which Mr. Schiff chairs, referred to what has become a classic conservative joke on social media.


The 2017 phone call was a prank by Russian comedians Vladmire Kyzetsov and Alexei Stolyarov who convinced Schiff, then the ranking member, they could obtain the damning photos of Donald Trump.

Mr. Schiff was a big proponent of the discredited Democrat Party dossier. It contained an allegation of Mr. Trump romping with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room in 2013.

Conservatives say it was an example of Mr. Schiff colluding with what he thought was a Russian-linked politician to try to influence American politics––his exact charge against Mr. Trump.

Schiff thought he was speaking with the chairman of the Ukraine parliament.

Democrats Can’t Stop Lying About The Trump-Ukraine Transcript

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  1. These Democrats are only accusing President Trump of things they them selfś are guilty of, when are they going to arrest Hillary and Obama for their obstruction to justice.

  2. The “whistle blower” is Obama. Maxi-Pad waters told us on camera that Obama took all the peoples records with him to his home. Then Valerie Jarrett moved right on in with the Obamas! What do you think their doing?

  3. Shifty SCHIFF is a professional dumb liar

  4. The Democratic Party is so desperate because they’ve lost the respect of it’s citizens and they know very well President Trump will never be impeached. This is all political and will continue up until the elections. Russia, Russia, Russia now Impeachment, Impeachment, Impeachment. Sad and pathetic!

  5. schiff is a lying piece of schiff!

  6. If that is so, then Obama violated multiple statutes regarding Classified/Confidential material.

  7. Whether it is schiff, pelosi, nadler, “the squad”, waters, other democrats and even a few idiot republicans, treason is being committed and these people should go to prison. They have been after trump since before he took office and more importantly, after power so they can force these terrible policies down the throats of America. Whatever issues they promote are dead wrong and they should be held to accounts, exposed, thrown out of office, then thrown into prison and/or out of this country!

  8. Demorats need to be thrown out with the dirty WASH. They arent worth a paycheck….they are loud mouth do nothing for American people type of things. Schiff supposedly had evidence on trump from the get go…well when did the thing SHOW IT??? BECAUSE HE LIED. NADLER IS A SHORT FAT MAN WHO HAS NOTHING GOING FOR HIMSELF SO TO TRY TO BE TALL..HE HAS TO STAND ON PELISIS SHOULDERS

  9. All I can say is try to take our God fearing Patriot president and watch all hell brake loose in this country all the Patriot people will go to Washington d.c. and fight to protect our president from a bunch of Democrat terrorists and I hope it dont come to that back off why you still can run hide we will be coming leave our president and constitution and our country .it’s not for sale

  10. So that person is at fault because it was not him who herd the President talk but a he said he say situation, gossip basically and he works for the CI A,not anymore .we need not have people like that working there

  11. We didn’t vote for President Trump in the 2016 election, we voted for another conserative, but today I put a check in the mail to the Trump Campaign. I am so sigusted with Shiffty Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the bought and paid for Soros politicians I want to throw up. Why in the hell don’t they throw this bastard out of the US and revoke his citizenship. This man is the partner in crim with Satan.
    Watchin Schiff today and watching him distort the transcribed paper in his own words and distorting it and putting words that were not in it is called a LIE, and Schiff does it best. For three years we heard nothing from this man except ” I have the proof” LIE LIE LIE, he is good at that.

  12. It’s a sad time in American politics and history.( what the dems are doing).They won’t give this president any peace whatsoever.

  13. Am in shock as more time passes and the Democrats have embarked on a new witch hunt against the President. When are they going to tackle the issues that concern the tax payer? Perhaps never. They should all be voted out of office because they are spending tax payer money only on their agendas. They should be made accountable for that, all the way. The work they have done so far is nothing more than a soap-opera performance.

  14. Why is pencil neck still there. He has lied several times and is still there. Why.

  15. Obama learned it from Bubba. He and Carville were caught with the FBI files of every Republican member of Congress and Cabinet Members in the White House and had no legitimate reason to do so. I think they were in the closet with the Rose Law Firm Whitewater records and Vince Fosters resignation and partially completed whistleblower report.

  16. Take actions against this liar Schiff. Words will never hurt him or change his bad behavior….. Action will

  17. I think somebody tried to sabotage Nunez with ads.

  18. So Adam Schiff is the head of our Intelligence. He’s not intelligent enough to pick up dog poop!!! He is the one that needs to be impeached ,I would bet he’s the biggest leaker. This guy is no good. Like the rest of the Demorats. I can spell ,I just want to name them for who they really are!!!!

  19. And we still have no Grand Jury. It is legal to file impeachment against past presidents ,pass vice presidents ,and pass secretary of state. No accountabily. Calls letters to everyone. If there is any source preparing complaints to back up at least some Ethic charges. Let the word out. Schiff had ethic charge Two years ago for leaking classified information .nothing has been done. Nancy Pelosi actually worked with Judicial Watch on ethic reform. Isn’t that a hoot!! Campaign finance violations on AOC and ilhan so pressure if it is to go anywhere. We must win the house. We must win . By the way that investigator Jeff Sessions hired where the H–l is he. Still on payroll I bet. My Cold Civil War is boiling how bout yours.

  20. It is so laughable that the Dimms are made to listen and follow a loud mouth no nothing AOC , Pelosi and Schiff, Shumer, etc. Payroll Soros. No question.

  21. I get so tired of hearing ,they hate Trump. They starting needing diapers ,yes once Trump won. Why because they knew they would be exposed. The corruption is very entrenched. They are going to fight like he-l to keep from going to jail. But little do they have to fear with Christopher Wray ,he is so compromised. He was weisman’s boss and I do believe buddy previous administration and cover up. How is it he is still head of FBI who is protecting him. What does he have on who. I wish Soloman from the Hill would take a look at him. He obstructs, deflects and withholds. A true deep stater.

  22. Past Vice Presidents can be impeached. Do you think selling out the Vice President’s office ..meets the criteria I do. There is a very long list of Political Families who have gained tremendous wealth through there political status. One of the reason it is placed in Family names is because it does not meet the guidelines for Represenative’s to report.

  23. Pass Presidents can be impeached. Obama should be. He and Hillary thick as thieves. They lied , covered up, Benghazi by destroying 30000. Emails hard drives and phones. A really big scandal Wasseman Schultz and her Pakistan tech guy. She held on to that little lover as long as possible ,and still held on to that computer. FBI never checked it or anything. So who gave direction on that hot mess. Obama’s Terrorists friends or Soros or both.

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