resident Trump spoke in the Rose Garden yesterday and raised some questions about the Bidens, their morals, and China. “Joe Biden didn’t just side with China on the virus,” the President said about Biden and the spread of the coronavirus. Biden also “described the rise of China as ‘a very positive development” he added. “Not for us it’s not,” said Trump.

Trump also quoted Joe Biden as saying, “the idea that China is our competition is really bizarre…China’s not a problem.”  Except China is very much a problem. “Nobody’s ripped us off more in the last 25, 30 years” explains Trump. Now that Biden is running for President, he has to make an attempt to appear that he has a clue about the world and the dangers of China. “Now he takes it all back and now he wants to be Mr. tough guy. For 47 years he never said anything bad about China, just the opposite” explained Trump.

Then there is the younger Biden, his son Hunter, who “walked out with 1.5 billion dollars of money to invest where he’ll make hundreds of thousands maybe millions of dollars a year” said Trump. “Where is Hunter by the way? Hunter Biden walked out with $1.5 billion. In Ukraine, he got $83,000 a month and I guess an upfront payment of $3 million dollars” said Trump.

Hunter Biden “went from not having a job to getting $83,000 dollars a month with a lot of money paid upfront to work for Burisma. And you all know about Burisma but nothing happens and nobody cares” the President added.

Hunter “was unemployed and forced to leave the military…but nobody talks about that” said Trump. Why are the Democrats so willing to have zero discussion around the unethical behavior of their likely nominee who wants to be the next leader of the free world and his son’s abuse of power?

Citizen Free Press notes that President Trump took the high road of not mentioning “the crack pipe, or the stripper baby mama, or the $12,000-a-month Hollywood Hills home he rents, or the $130,000 Porsche he zips around LA, or his late-career turn as a drop-out ‘artist’ living on the fringes of SoCal’s socialite scene.”

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  1. Hope the biden’s corruption and illegal activities continues to come out! Obama and clinton are right in the middle of corruption also, albeit for other reasons in addition to china. They all need to be in jail!

  2. Could you imagine Joe Biden as the actual President of the United States?

  3. Glad to see there is at least one among 320+M to keep in mind the essential, the rest too absorbed by the sensational…

  4. Hunter Biden reminds me of a seedy grifter character that was the staple of Perry Mason episodes.

  5. I wouldn’t trust Creepy Uncle Joe Biden or his corrupt son Hunter any further than I could spit into the wind. Furthermore, if by chance Creepy Uncle Joe is elected President in November, we can kiss the United States of America goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. No, and I hope he never will be the President of the United States of America!!

  7. Even better question. Does anyone actually care?

  8. Speaking of the Clinton’s I wonder if Chelsa is part of this too??

  9. The “Hide’n Biden’s, Gonna hide their way thru a Presidential Election Campaign, like the Cowards they both are.

  10. Q+ sent me. The Hunters have become the hunted.

  11. so true

  12. Goldfish-memory americans had forgotton hunter biden, ted cruz’s absence of mask when drinking occupying all their thinking. Americans’ preference for futility confirms their political stupidity

  13. There’s so much corruption in DC, that’s why there’s so many scandalous things that happened. Mostly Dems, & a few Rino’s too, right Pierre? And BTW, Delecto, why choose a name that translates into “delicious Peter”???

  14. Well Joe “Hidin’ Biden is in the basement. Does that have a sub-basement? Or maybe Hunter’s hiding in the closet? “C’mon Hunter…..Come Out the Closet”.

  15. Why all the discussion about Hunter? Yeah, he’s had plenty of personal problems in the past but he’s a private citizen. If President Biden hires his son to be a WH advisor that will be an entirely different matter. Naming your children as senior WH advisors isn’t just a bad look, it’s nepotism at its worse. It blows by mind that anybody thinks it’s kosher to have Ivanka & Jared on the WH payroll, neither of whom have a shred of pertinent experience. People complain about Burisma hiring Hunter supposedly because HE had no experience. How is Jared Kushner qualified to negotiate peace in the Mideast?

    Finally, the idea of Donald Trump, the most immoral, unethical, inhumane & corrupt president in US history…the idea of HIM questioning the morals of Joe Biden is simply absurd. He’s managed to make Richard Nixon look like a saint. And my screed has nothing to do with Repubs vs. Dems or conservatives vs. liberals. It’s about pride in common decency & compassion. Trump has robbed America of what has made it great since the beginning. Americans with a conscience are all saying Make America Great Again by getting rid of this illegitimate fool.

  16. The truth in this article is made obvious by the MSM avoiding any mention of it.

  17. What’s it like to be nuts? Seriously.

  18. True

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