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Why? Biden Administration Wants to ‘Finalize a Deal with Iran’ Before ‘New Iranian President is Inaugurated’

Iran Nuclear

Iran is preparing itself for a new leader as “Conservative judiciary chief Ebrahim Raisi, a close ally to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, is the clear favorite to win Friday’s presidential election in Iran” reports Axios. A U.S. official has told Axios “the Biden administration wants to finalize a deal with Iran to return to the 2015 nuclear deal in the six weeks remaining before a new Iranian president is inaugurated.”

The official said it would be “concerning” if talks dragged on into early August when the transition of president will occur. “If we don’t have a deal before a new government is formed, I think that would raise serious questions about how achievable it’s going to be,” the official said.

Why is the Biden administration pushing for an Iran nuclear deal, and putting the U.S. in an even more compromising position, given the already vulnerable and dangerous potential of entering into a deal? The U.S. official says the longer negotiations continue without a breakthrough, the lower the chances of success will be.

The chances of success are already lower than low considering Iran has never abided by its nuclear deal, nor have they given any indication to halt its quest for nuclear weapons. As President Trump alluded to by pulling the U.S. out of the nuclear deal, the world is being naïve and manipulated by even entertaining Iran.

Nonetheless, the U.S. official of the Biden administration says “we don’t have infinite time to get this done. So I think we’ll know – I don’t want to give a timeline – but we’ll know it when time has run up and we’ve concluded that it can’t be reached within a reasonable time.” The official added, “I’m not predicting that” claiming Iran was “engaged seriously” and a deal could be reached within a few weeks.

“Our whole view of this, informed by what we’re being told by the Iranians, is that the elections are not a factor, that the decision-making will continue before and after the elections and so things will not be interrupted as a result of the election” the official said.

Axios noted “the official declined to specify the biggest remaining obstacles to a deal, but said progress was being made both in determining the sanctions relief the U.S. must provide to return to the deal, and the nuclear steps Iran must take to get back in compliance.” Looks like Iran, once again, is in charge.