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Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History

In his #1 New York Times bestseller The Russia Hoax, Fox News Legal and Political Analyst Gregg Jarrett detailed the real story behind the scheme by the FBI and DOJ to clear Hillary Clinton and bring down Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election. Every one of Jarrett’s claims in that incisive 2018 book have been borne out by the Mueller report. Now, in his explosive follow-up, WITCH HUNT: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American Political History, Jarrett continues his well-reasoned evisceration of a small group of powerful government officials who colluded with others, including foreign sources, and broke numerous laws as they convinced tens of millions that the president is a traitor—without a shred of evidence.

“WITCH HUNT is the story of a pernicious lie that was invented and spread in a collusive effort to sabotage the election of Donald Trump,” Jarrett writes. “When the plot failed, the objective shifted. Newly aggressive tactics were deployed to destroy his presidency, undo his election, and drive him from office.

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There was never any credible evidence that Trump was a Russian agent. There were no seditious acts that he cooked up with the Kremlin. It was a damning fiction that constitutes what is surely the dirtiest political trick ever perpetrated in politics.  The most amazing part, now that the truth has been revealed, is how widely the lie was believed. How did a handful of government officials create the greatest mass delusion in American political history?”

Jarrett reveals the shocking story of how former FBI Director James Comey—whom he calls “the schemer-in-chief”—initiated the investigation without evidence, broke a myriad of government rules, duped or defrauded the FISA court with a sham dossier, and ambushed Trump and tried to entrap him. Comey lied repeatedly to the president about the probe, then leaked memos he stole to prompt a special counsel.

Jarrett meticulously details how and why a group of rogue operators at the FBI, including Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page, first manipulated the hoax, then engineered the Witch Hunt. Intelligence agents helped them choreograph the “collusion” narrative. All the while, they ignored real evidence that the Clinton campaign had “colluded” with Russians, not Trump. Viewing him as a threat to their own power, they subverted and perverted the law to try to drive the president from office.

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Delving into the wealth of new evidence that has brought the true nature and extent of the corruption into focus, Jarrett discusses the revelations in the reports by the Inspector General of the DOJ. He points to incendiary text messages between Strzok and Page that expose their anti-Trump bias and thereby call into question the basis and legitimacy of the FBI’s investigation. Jarrett’s strongest corroboration rests in the Mueller report itself, which has exposed the baseless nature of the Russia conspiracy narrative. Robert Mueller was appointed out of vengeance, Jarrett asserts, not because the evidence or law merited a special counsel. He then assembled a team of partisans who, knowing they had no real case to make, smeared the president by dreaming up a novel legal standard that reversed the burden of proof and inverted the presumption of innocence. Ultimately, Jarrett says, Mueller’s disoriented testimony before congress was a personal and political disaster that permanently sullied his once durable reputation.

WITCH HUNT is Gregg Jarrett’s impassioned clarion call for a broader justice. “The peril to democracy today is not a foreign force but a malignant force of unelected officials here at home,” he writes. “Armed with immense power and often lurking in the shadows, they have revealed themselves capable of uncommon corruption. Their allegiance is not to the Constitution and the rule of law but to themselves. Personal animus and a voracious appetite for authority are what motivates their zeal. Anyone like Trump, who might jeopardize their hold on power, must be immobilized by any means and at any cost. To neutralize this threat and achieve their desired ambitions, they politicized their agencies, weaponized law enforcement, and persecuted people without respect for law or process.”