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Witness Testimony is Hearsay Constructed on Speculation and Conjecture

Gregg Jarrett on 'Hannity'

Gregg Jarrett made an appearance with Congressman Devin Nunes on Fox News’ Hannity program last night. While discussing the impeachment proceedings and the “inequitable” rules that Rep. Schiff has set up for the public hearings, which starts tomorrow, Gregg pointed out that the witnesses can only testify to their opinion as they do not possess any factual knowledge about what occurred. 

“Look at the first two witnesses that will be called on Wednesday, Bill Taylor and George Kent. They admit they have no direct knowledge of a quid pro quo. Instead, they heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy who heard it from an original guy and in both cases, it is diplomat Gordon Sondland. Sondland admits he has no direct knowledge of the quid pro quo. Instead, he testified he presumed it. So, this is opinion built on hearsay, constructed on speculation and conjecture.”

With the Democrats’ star witnesses at the start of the impeachment hearings only having hearsay information and opinions, it is hard to believe that their testimony will captivate the minds of the American public.