On Monday, October 7, 2019, World War II veteran James South turned 100 years old. He had one wish: he wanted 100 birthday cards for his 100th birthday. His assisted living center, Brookdale Watauga, posted the wish on Facebook and he received his wish over a thousand times.

So far, Mr. South has received over 100,000 birthday cards from around the world, and his hometown even named a day after him. Texas Governor Greg Abbott, US senators, and e-classrooms of children all sent Mr. South cards for his big day. Mr. South stated that the fact that this many people sent cards “touches his heart.” 


He has received cards from Great Britain, Australia, China, and even the White House. The letter from President Trump read, “Our nation owes your generation, the greatest generation, a tremendous debt of gratitude.”

Mr. South said he is overwhelmed with the outpouring of love he has received and concludes, “I’m just thanking God for watching over me and keeping me healthy. There’s no telling where I’ll go from here.”

To Mr. South, happy belated birthday. You are an inspiration to people around the world. Here is to hoping that for your birthday next year, you get even more cards. 

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